4 Skin Conditions You Should Know About

4 Skin Conditions You Should Know About

Sometimes dry and itchy skin means that you need to add moisture and hydrate your skin more often, but sometimes it can be a serious thing. That’s why it’s important to be aware of all the skin issues that can occur, regardless of whether you are prone to them or not.

4 Skin Conditions You Should Know About

Some of these conditions can develop quite early and only act up as flare-ups while others can develop during or after puberty. So just to make sure, here are 4 skin conditions you should know about! 

Seborrhea Dermatitis 

Seborrhea Dermatitis or in other words severe dandruff is not as uncommon as you might think. While dandruff is a natural occurrence, a lot of people deal with it on a regular basis, seborrheic dandruff is much more severe and usually has to be treated. The main difference between seborrheic dermatitis and regular dandruff is the fact that your skin is tearing up in large pieces rather than small bits, so it’s more noticeable right off the bat. It’s quite similar to a skin condition called psoriasis and it looks similar to it as well - whilst seborrheic dermatitis is usually concentrated in the scalp area, it can also form in any area with lots of oil glands such as the face or neck. If you think you are suffering from this, there are ways to easily treat it and to make it less noticeable with the usage of the right shampoos and products! 


Whilst most skin conditions are rather noticeable, sometimes they are not. When it comes to hyperhidrosis, the skin produces access sweat - but in rather large amounts. So people who have this kind of skin condition usually have to deal with soaked skin and wet patches all over their bodies. It’s important to note that hyperhidrosis is not connected to weather and overheating, it can happen even in cold weather as the skin produces moisture. In order to treat hyperhidrosis, it’s best to talk to a professional in order to determine whether or not you actually have this condition. Regularly washing and using a good antiperspirant is a good way to start, but in most cases, there are medications that can help ease up the symptoms of this condition. This can cause a lot of emotional distress, especially in social situations so it’s important to get the right treatment and boost the quality of your life!


One of the most common skin conditions, eczema is an easily recognizable skin condition that usually develops in the early stages of life. It causes the skin to be red, itchy, bumpy, and sometimes scabby especially if there is fluid involved.  It can develop all over the body, but it’s most prominent on the parts of the body that bend and move around the most. Knuckles, inside of the knee, embows, those are all spaces where the skin is the driest and the effects of eczema most noticeable. It’s usually transferred genetically, families that are prone to allergies, especially if asthma runs in the family, there is a high chance that eczema is going to occur as well. It’s an allergy-based condition and it’s usually diagnosed that way as well. Moisturizing regularly and keeping the skin in good condition is the best cure, and it will prevent the flair-ups and discomfort as much as possible. 

Skin Conditions Treatment


Dermatophytosis or ringworm is a ring-shaped rash that is usually flaming red and itchy. Whilst the name of the condition is a bit misleading, ringworm is actually a condition caused by fungal bacterial living on the surface of the skin and it can be found on all surfaces including clothes, furniture, bedding, and similar. It’s usually pretty noticeable and hard to miss, especially if you notice the circular red spot forming, along with the rash. It’s treated with an antifungal cream, and it’s smart to start treatment as soon as possible! If you think that you have ringworm, go to your local ER and get it checked out, it's better to get it diagnosed in order to start treatment to ease the discomfort! All in all, ringworm is not dangerous and a lot of people of all ages get it! 

At the end of the day, there are lots of skin conditions people are not aware of, so spreading awareness is essential. Some conditions are less noticeable and might pass as dry skin or allergy, but some are indicators of a deeper issue. So examine your skin, make sure everything is fine and follow possible changes - it’s always better to treat it right away before it turns into a bigger problem!

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