How to live happy and healthy? Five important tips

How to live happy and healthy? Five important tips

How to live happy and healthy?

Who doesn't like to be happy or healthy? Probably no one. So why do we forget so often, what makes us really happy? Why do we so often plunge into the monotony of everyday life? In this article, I will give you five important tips on how to live happy and healthy.

The problem of nowadays is that we have so many things to do that we forget what's really matters in life and what really makes us happy. This five simple tips will help you how to live happy and healthy. So let us begin!

A moment of reflection on your life

It's always a good start to spend an hour and reflect on everything that has happened on your life on a personal level in past. Try to write down the things you successfully accomplished or you are proud of. Try to think what of other things might be improved an try to remember that so you will be better next time.

Keep your body and mind detoxed.

Write down a list of a few new personal goals you want to achieve in next period of time, for example, a year from now. This may be anything you want, like learning how to paint, create a new project, be more patient, being more kindly to your self etc. After writing it down, put in on a mirror, wall, door or in any place it will be very visible. This will help you to succeed because you will remember it every day. Trust me, it's much easier to achieve our goals when we make our steps every day.

Make a detox (body and soul)

When I want to change something in my life I always start by making a soul and body detox (both are equally important). When you clean your body, you will have more energy for your new goals. Start eating healthy food and drink a lot of fresh juices. Goto gym, bike, start running or whatever makes you happy. A happy body is a happy you. 

You cannot be healthy and happy when you still thinking negatively or worry about the problems. That's why it's so important to clean your soul. Try to organize your life, maybe start to meditate? It's up to you how you will do this, but if you will make the first step, you will immediately see a big improvement on the way you feel.

There's nothing better than doing things we love.

Get back to your forgotten hobby or interest

When we are young and active we usually have some hobbies we like to do during our free time. Many people are so into their daily duties and work that they are forgetting about the things the used to do to be happy. If you used to dance, write, sing, go for a bike, travel, take photos or even just bake cookies, try to find some time to start doing this again. There's nothing better to have a purpose in our lives and hobbies are very helpful with that.

Even if you will have a little less time for your boyfriend, husband, kids or family, they will appreciate it, because they will see you happy again and they will be glad you are doing something that makes you happier. If you don't have a hobby or don't want to go back to any of your earlier interests, find a new one.

New challenges

It's a hard way of life when you do the same every day over and over again. People need to have a goal in their life, otherways it just seems meaningless. This is why we should always find new challenges that will keep us active and will show us a path we should follow. Prepare to run a half marathon, get a sing or dance lessons, learn how to draw or write a book. Everything is possible, just think what you want to do!

Have an open mind - its the right way.

Keep an open mind

Probably the most important tip on how to live happy and healthy. If you will keep an open mind, you will see everywhere new opportunities and you will create new ones. When you feel more positive, you create your own luck and you are able to achieve much more. Try to spend your day thinking only about good things, in terms of possibility rather than constraints. Do this every day, and you will start to believe in yourself. And for those who believe in themselves, the world becomes a wide open.


I hope you found this five important tips on how to live happy and healthy useful. Remember, that you don't have to be too hard on yourself and try to make small steps every day. Have some patience, believe in yourself and make plans. If you will do this, you will see huge changes in your life and you will be much happier. Good luck!

Wojciech Kuźma

My name is Wojtek and I am very happy that you came to my healthy lifestyle blog. In human life, health is probably the most important factor needed for happiness, so I thought I will make a contribution to this and try to promote healthy eating and sport.

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  •   13th March 2018, 15:13

    Everybody knows that but nobody does this... Thats a bit sad but true. Fortunately, Im a very happy and healthy person :-) But will keep in mind these tips :-) Nice blog btw!

  •   23th April 2018, 08:21

    Its not my firѕt time to pay a quick visit this site, і am browsing this sitе daiⅼly and take fastidious data from here everyday.

  •   2nd May 2018, 12:35

    Very descriptive post, I loved that bіt. Wiⅼl thеre be a part 2?

  •   21th October 2018, 18:18

    some Italian slack, food and the man immediately becomes happier: D This text was translated automatically. Original text is below: trochę włoskiego luzu, jedzenia i człowiek od raazu staje się weselszy :D

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