Top 5 best photography-related jobs to see the world

5 Travel Photography Jobs to Take Around the World

Being able to view things through the lens of a camera is enough to ignite passion. But what you will see through the lens is also significant.

5 Travel Photography Jobs to Take Around the World

Many people are attracted to this photography profession because of the opportunity to see the world. Most applicants are interested in decent work as a photographer abroad because they can simultaneously travel around the globe and create worthy works. You may thus satisfy two desires at once. It is not enough to travel and photograph if you wish to get a job, though. We've listed the top 5 best professions for travel photographers.

Photographer - is it a good profession and a promising career?

Photography is a great career because it allows you to showcase your own talents and meet many interesting people while seeing the world. This profession will take you to many undiscovered places. It provides a kind of control and pays well. All it takes is finding a decent job as a travel photographer.

Is it possible to make money if you get a job as a photographer?

There are many ways to take photos and travel around the world. You can keep a blog, sell prints, showcase your own work on social media, participate in photography contests, provide services, provide training, and more. Together with the experts of the job aggregator Jooble we have studied the modern job market and selected the most popular positions in photography, which allow you to travel around the globe. In addition, these jobs help you to monetize your skills.

In terms of salary, in our analysis of today's job market as of 2021, we found that the monthly salary for a photographer in the United States is around $3,500. At the same time, the average salary range for photographers goes up to $2,000. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career and increase your monthly income depending on location, experience, and other metrics. Overall, we can conclude that travel photographers make good money if they find a decent job.

The top 5 best jobs for travel photographers

To guide you in the field of employment for photographers who want to travel around the world, here are the best jobs.

No. 1: Photojournalist

A photojournalist takes photos and shows them in a way that people can see the story. Often, they clearly show current events taking place in various locations around the globe. Photojournalists are responsible for the narrative, processing the images, and placing them on different sites in a certain way. In practice, a photojournalist may work as a freelance photographer traveling throughout the country. But employees may also work for newspapers, magazines, television, or the Internet.

No. 2: Freelance Photographer

This situation involves a freelance travel photographer. This is the most common employment format for those employees who travel around the world. Contractors can only take on projects that interest them. Often, photographers specialize in a particular subject. For example, architecture, tourist sites, various events (social, sports), and so on.

No. 3: Commercial Photography

By this photography, we mean creating images for advertising companies and other marketing tasks: from a photo of a particular product to a full-fledged content editorial. There are several niches presented here, each one quite lucrative and allows you to see different places around the globe. For example, a commercial music photographer works on visual content for posters, album covers, and more, traveling with musicians on tour. Directions can be different, and the salary differs, depending on the position and content you're working on.

It's worth keeping in mind that there are also licensing fees added to a travel photographer's salary, which are paid for the right to use the photos taken for commercial purposes. The licensing determines how long the pictures are used.

No. 4: Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography is a specialized field where special emphasis is placed on presenting closet items and accessories from the best possible perspective. The field presented is deeply rooted and the field of marketing, as the purpose of this niche is to sell the idea or lifestyle that is related to clothing and other things to increase sales. Shooting models and presentations can take place in different locations worldwide: fashion shows, fashion week, and other events.

Top 5 best photography-related jobs to see the world

No. 5: Landscape photographer, nature photography

Photographing a variety of beauties around the world can be classified as one of the best professions in the field. The idea of going to a variety of locations around the globe, documenting your travels, and taking pictures of the world looks very tempting and appealing. Note that in practice, it is not easy to cut into this niche. There are several ways to build a successful career as a landscape photographer, but each of them requires substantial effort and some luck. Separately, you should pay attention to salary, a nature photographer is one of the best paying professions.


If you have a passion for photography and travel, you can easily turn your favorite business into a source of income. All you need in this situation is to work hard and work all the time to improve your skills after choosing the right profession. Do not forget to sell yourself as a professional and your own skills in a variety of ways. The greatest number of vacancies can be found in the segment of photographers who shoot wildlife, landscapes, and architecture, as well as in the field of photojournalism.

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