5 ways to perfect your Spanish

5 ways to perfect your Spanish

With almost an entire continent and various parts of Europe speaking Spanish, it’s a really useful language to learn. However, it can be tricky to find the motivation or the inspiration to keep on learning when you’re surrounded by your mother-tongue day in day out.

5 ways to perfect your Spanish

However, with so many language learning apps and so much media to consume in Spanish, mastering the language might not be as hard as you think!

Watch TV shows in Spanish

By far the easiest way to improve your understanding of the language is to watch TV shows in Spanish. There are lots of Spanish channels to choose from and plenty of entertaining shows that will teach common phrases to use in everyday life.

If you want to relax whilst watching TV, consider putting on Spanish subtitles whilst watching the show in your mother tongue. You will still learn a lot this way.

Immerse yourself in the language

You’re bound to learn something if you simply have no choice! That’s when travel comes in. By going to a Spanish-speaking country for a little while, the language is everywhere you look, from adverts to signs, labels and displays. What’s more, you can hear it everywhere too!

By travelling to a Spanish-speaking country like Costa Rica, you will learn new words quickly and observe lots about the culture too.

it can be tricky to find the motivation or the inspiration to keep on learning Spanish when you’re surrounded by your mother-tongue day in day out.

Meet Spanish speaking friends

If you’re nervous about speaking the language with strangers, why not train with a friend? Practicing with native or fluent speakers will see you improve tenfold as they can gently tell you when you’re going wrong and build your conversational skills.

Schedule a regular meeting every week to keep growing your knowledge. When it comes to languages, practicing often is the key.

Read Spanish books aloud

Pronunciation is always something that trips up non-native speakers. Whatever your mother tongue is, it’s helpful to read Spanish aloud in order to give you a better feel for the sound of the language and improve your general understanding.

Don’t try and speak too fast. Focus instead on the quality of your speech and practice difficult words and sentences over and over again.

Label things in your house

Build your vocabulary by labelling things in your house in Spanish. This is particularly useful if you end up living in Spanish-speaking accommodation. You never know when you might need the Spanish word for ‘teacloth’!

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