7 Advantages of an Explainer Video For the Healthcare Industry

7 Advantages of an Explainer Video For the Healthcare Industry

We often associate the healthcare industry with medicine, diseases, doctors, and other scientific stuff. Not many people could relate the explainer videos to this sector. Despite the serious outlook of the industry, you can use healthcare explainer videos to create a positive impact.

7 Advantages of an Explainer Video For the Healthcare Industry

Medical explainer videos have multi-dimensional benefits. They can be used to educate patients on their conditions, how to take their medication, or even healthy lifestyle choices. Explainer videos can also educate staff on new procedures or technologies.

What is an Explainer Video?

The explainer videos are short online videos created to explain a concept. They are often used in marketing campaigns, highlighting the products or services of the company. But you can use them for educational purposes too.

Which Industries Already Use Explainer Videos Effectively?

Explainer videos are in-trend in many industries already. Here are a few primary industries that utilize them for the following purpose:

  • Finance Industry - To explain financing concepts
  • Security Industry - To introduce features, different products, and services
  • Education Industry - With explainer videos, kids' attention span and interest are increased, and higher retention can be expected
  • Non-profit Industry - To highlight what the organization is about and how it helps the society
  • Computer and Tech Industry - To discuss different hardware, applications, and newer technologies

Rise in Explainer Videos in the Healthcare Industry

You might have witnessed a rise in the use of explainer videos in the healthcare industry. There can be multiple reasons behind it. Below are a few important reasons:

Need to Raise Healthcare Awareness

The use of explainer videos can highlight essential processes, diseases, and preventive measures in a way that people can easily understand and remember. With the need to raise more awareness about diseases and their preventive measures, these videos can be widely used.

Helpful in Initiating the Consumer Journey

The high click-through rate for the explainer video content lets you include a higher number of customers in the funnel. Once a customer is in the funnel, you can use different marketing techniques to generate more revenue. As healthcare is a service industry, the importance of explainer content initiating the funnel is higher.

Increased Competition in the Healthcare Sector

The higher number of medical centers, hospitals, and healthcare facilities in the industry makes revenue increase a challenge. In such an effort, the explanation of processing and building a solid brand reputation in the consumer's mind has a vital role where medical explainer videos can do wonders.

 Medical explainer videos can be used to educate patients on their conditions, how to take their medication, or even healthy lifestyle choices. Learn more.

What are the Advantages of Medical Explainer Videos?

Below are the main advantages you can expect to get through the medical explainer videos:

1. Patient Engagement and Education about Their Condition

Understanding a particular health condition or its solution is not easy for a patient. They are not aware of the parts in the body, equipment name, and other technical stuff. So, just telling patients about the condition doesn’t always work but showing a video can.

With the explainer videos about the health condition and the consequent procedure, you’ll need less time to explain it to the patients. Besides, such videos let you grab the patient’s maximum attention. 

2. Promotion of Healthcare Products and Services

With animated characters, you can relate to your target audience better. It applies to the healthcare sector too. Whether it is a new medicine or a medical procedure, you can convey your message in a better way.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

Another critical advantage you can achieve through healthcare explainer videos is to tell your target audience that you exist in the market and provide a particular range of services. People are more likely to remember the content when they see interactive messages. So, such a method can improve brand awareness too.

4. Explain Complex Medical Terms in an Easy Way

Telling a patient with no medical background about how the bypass operation will be done is impossible. They don't know what will happen or how they will improve with a particular procedure. Medical explainer videos can come to your rescue at this point too.

Besides, these videos wouldn’t even require the display of blood or other organs your audience might not want to see.

5. Medical Employee and Student Training

You can also utilize the healthcare explainer videos in employee and student training. Reading from books, reports, or other sources does not always help understand the core concept. In the medical field, where precision and understanding are crucial, using explainer videos can set the right ground.

6. Improve Conversions

Improving conversion is another benefit you can expect from using the explainer videos in this sector. Like any other industry, videos in the healthcare sector also get higher engagement and more conversions. When you explain the process, goals, and impact in detail, it impacts the viewer, thus resulting in improved conversions.

7. Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle

The explainer videos are not only helpful in marketing but also in educating customers about a healthy lifestyle. What to do, what not to do, and the impact that bad lifestyle habits might create are a few thought-provoking aspects. The higher the effect of the videos, the more you can expect them to shift towards a positive lifestyle.

Tips for Finding the Best Explainer Video Company for the Healthcare Industry

Below are a few tips to help you when hiring the best explainer video company for the healthcare sector:

  • Look for superior video quality - As you aim to engage the patient, medical students, and trainee doctors, you can't compromise on the video quality. It has to be perfect.
  • Video content should be your priority - Your explainer video must be well-researched. You can provide the content to the selected company, but without a basic understanding of how things work, you might not get the best results.
  • Look out for an economical company - The budget will be of prime importance when hiring a professional explainer video company. You won’t need a single video, so the company you select is budget-friendly.
  • A great portfolio must be there - With a great portfolio, you can judge the company’s grip on the explainer video so that it wouldn’t be much of a risk.
  • Delivery time must be quick - Lastly, you must not ignore the delivery time as it can impact your overall marketing or educational efforts.

Summing Up

The healthcare explainer videos are the new reality of the era. You can use them to educate patients about diseases and their treatment, teach doctors and trainees about complex procedures, and increase your brand awareness.

All these scenarios would require you to choose the best medical explainer video company. So, choose the right explainer video company using the tips highlighted in this article.

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