7 Traditional Scottish & Irish Drinks to Try

7 Traditional Scottish & Irish Drinks to Try

Famous for more than just stunning landscapes, vast lands of greenery, and historical and cultural backgrounds, both Scotland and Ireland are masters in cuisine! Especially while talking about beverages. Did you know that both countries have many traditional drinks on their menu, just waiting to be tested out?

Pint of Guinness

Let’s do this! Here is our list of 7 customary Scottish and Irish beverages to try! 


Your Ireland trip is not complete if you somehow manage to miss out on trying out their pride and signature drink - Guinness beer! 

The dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in Dublin is at the top of the menu in every bar and restaurant in Ireland. Since its birth in the 18th century, it has become one of the most successful alcohol brands worldwide, brewed in almost 50 countries and available in many more.

The smooth yet rich flavor goes best when served with salmon, soda bread, oysters, kidney pies, and, of course, fish and chips. The best part about it is that it pairs perfectly not only with luxurious cuisine but with your basic everyday snacks, as well! Just try it out! 



Quite bizarre yet indeed delightful, Whipkull is a traditional Scottish beverage made from egg yolks, sugar, rum, and cream. Whip everything together, and you get a tasty drink once served with breakfast in Shetland, Scotland. 

Something close to eggnog, Whipkull is said to be the recipe of sailors traveling through Scandinavia, Germany, and Scotland. While it is unlikely you will find it as an option in the bigger restaurants, you can certainly find a local place that will serve you! If not, it is very to make! Just look up the recipe and shake it up yourself! 

The cocktail is said to be very festive and is often made at Christmas. It is best served with shortbread or your typical Scottish breakfast. Whipkull is also often compared to an afternoon tea! Definitely try it out! 

Irish Cider

Now, back to Ireland! Aside from Guinness, they are extremely proud of their cider. A great example of it is Stonewell. The only Supreme Champion premium cider in the country, it is made solely out of fresh apple juice and only in the city of Cork.

The apples are brought from farmers in Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Tipperary, and Cork. The Irish take pride in the clean and completely natural way they craft the cider, without the additional artificial additives and colorings. 

Washed and sorted entirely manually, the apples reserve a rich and smooth flavor, and Stonewell is called a cider with integrity. Try it out at any bar or restaurant - you will not be disappointed! 

Apple Cider

Glasgow Punch

Any tours to Scotland include visiting Glasgow - the stunning and most populous city in Scotland. And aside from all the tourist attractions here, the city is known as the namesake for the famous rum-based drink - the Glasgow Punch. 

Originated in the 19th century, the beverage was at a high request when the city was trading with West Indies. So they used to do it just the same as the Scottish do nowadays. Mix rum, sugar, lemon, lime, and water to get the sweet and sour combination!

Glasgow Punch

While now the drink is quite common and is very well-liked by tourists and locals, it is said that initially, Glasgow Punch was only served at the Pig Club, a place of wealthy men and aristocrats. It used to be a starting drink, nursed through discussions and negotiations! 

Tullamore D.E.W.

Irish Whiskey

You might see a pattern here! In truth, Ireland is responsible for some of the world's top-rated and most popular alcohol brands. Take, for example, whiskey. The Irish are the ones that first brewed Tullamore D.E.W., Bushmills Original, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and many more! 

There is no way you can leave your Irish holiday without trying out their whiskey. There are plenty of whiskey bars in the cities, and if you would like a meal with it, just head to any restaurant - guarantee they will have it there as well! 

For the full experience, ask for a combination of the whiskey and cranberry juice in an old-fashioned glass. This is the way Irishmen used to drink! 

Heather blossoms

Heather Ale

Now, this one is shrouded in mystery! Heather Ale is a traditional Scottish drink made from an extract of heather blossoms with honey, spice, hops, and yeast. While you might think this is your basic beer, the secret lies within the recipe. And we mean it when we say secret.

To this day, it is unclear if the ingredients for Heather Ale are what they are supposed to be. While many had tried to recreate the drink from when it was first brewed, it is still not confirmed. The current recipe dates back 300 years, and while it seems like a long time, the original Ale was prepared long before that. Legend says that the last man with an authentic recipe jumped off a cliff to avoid disclosing the secret recipe! 

Whichever the case, Heather Ale is a stunning rich beer, one you should definitely try with your dinner the next time you are in Scotland! 

Irish Coffee

Ending strong with a strong coffee! One of the top ten drinks in the country, Irish coffee is another enigma. While you might think that all coffee has the same principle bases and is not that difficult to make, the Irish are incredibly proud of what they serve and have worked a long time for it to be the way it is now! 

It is said that back in 1952, the then-owner of Buena Vista tried Irish coffee at an airport and went completely crazy over it, then came back to San Francisco and was adamant about recreating the unforgettable flavor he tasted. So try it out - you might act the same way! 


7 perfect traditional drinks for you to try out the next time you visit Ireland or Scotland! Remember that cuisine is an inseparable part of a country’s identity, so if you genuinely wish to know it in-depth, be brave and ready for whatever comes your way. Enjoy! 

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