8 Creative Uses for a Wooden Tray

8 Creative Uses for a Wooden Tray

We all know that wooden trays are used for serving. But that’s not the only purpose of utilizing them. These trays can surely add to the style and aesthetic appeal of your home in multiple different ways. Want to know how?

8 Creative Uses for a Wooden Tray

Read through this article and find the eight creative ways to use a wooden tray that you may never have thought of before.

What are the Benefits of Using Wooden Trays?

For everyone thinking about what makes wooden trays one of the best, below is a list of benefits.


Wooden trays are durable. When used properly, these trays can serve you for a long time. Besides, you don't have to be extra cautious when using the wooden serving trays as they can handle the heat and pressure without melting or breaking. However, the exposure to direct heat and pressure must only be for a moment, or it can also be damaged.

Environmental Friendly

These trays are made of wood, making them eco-friendly compared to the alternatives like plastic trays. Often the trees aren't cut to produce these trays; instead, the sheets that aren't used to create the longer wooden items are utilized for making small products such as wooden trays.

Additionally, the wood is non-toxic and doesn't require using paints or other materials to make the wooden serving trays look presentable, reducing environmental damage.


Wood is a non-reactive material. Whether you use it for serving food, cutting or decoration, you don't have to expect any changes in the chemical composition. This makes it easier for you to choose the trays' perfect use.

Easy to Use

Another benefit of wooden trays is their easy usability. Any stains on the wooden tray can be removed with a dry or damp cloth, depending on the nature of the stain. However, you cannot leave the stain on for a very long time because, in that case, a dry cloth will not be helpful.

Aesthetically Appealing

The wooden trays can have multiple patterns and designs on them. Overall, they give an elegant and classy look to the kitchen. The variety of designs and polished colors make the wooden trays perfect for decoration.

8 Top Creative Wooden Trays Use

8 Top Creative Wooden Trays Use

Using wooden trays for serving is one of the most obvious usages of these trays. However, they don't have to be used for a single purpose only. There are a few other creative ways to use your trays.

1. Organizer

To use the wooden trays as organizers, you'll have to add a bit of extra work. Cut the small cardboard pieces and arrange them on your wooden tray, forming compartments. You can place stuff (jewelry, beads, etc.) within and enjoy a simple yet beautiful wooden organizer tray.

2. Coffee Table Tray

You can place all your essentials for a relaxing evening on a wooden tray and keep it on your coffee table. It will make your me-time exciting and fun, not requiring you to get up every minute because you missed one thing or another. Doesn't that sound like one of the best creative ideas for your coffee table?

3. Wooden Serving Boards for Restaurants

Wooden trays can be used as serving boards in restaurants. While replacing traditional white plates with wooden trays, you can expect to create a unique style that will make your customers come to your restaurant every time. As the trays are available in various sizes, you can easily choose the right one for all the food courses.

4. Plant Tray

If you have small pots at your home, you can put them over wooden trays. The trays will help you keep the area clean while adding to the room's aesthetic appeal. Also, you might want to consider using it under the table pots to create a unique interior.

5. Serving Tray

An obvious use of the wooden tray is for serving purposes. To use these trays for serving, you don't necessarily have to think of any creativity hacks. However, you can decorate it with clothes or specific design patterns to make it look more elegant.

6. Improvised Table

When in bed or on a sofa, reaching out to a table seems the most challenging task. In all such cases, the wooden trays can provide you with an improvised table. Place it on any flat surface and expect it to cater to all your mugs and glasses. Also, the decorative wooden tray will make your table look crafty.

7. Can be Used to Keep Necessary Things Inside

Whether you want to keep the essential things aside in your kitchen, living or bedroom area, the trays can serve the purpose really well. In such a situation, these decorative wooden trays work as a highlighter, reducing the time you'll have to find specific items.

8. Can be Used as Decor in Different Rooms

You can use the wooden trays as decor in different rooms. For example, in the bedroom, you can use it for keeping perfumes; in the bathroom for bathroom accessories. Thus, these trays help you organize your general use stuff in an organized manner.

Moreover, if you have a designed tray, you can use it as a wall hanging in a different room. Or you can fill the base of the tray with sand and add decorative candles within to place it in your living. It will surely require a bit of creativity on your end to make it as good as you like. You can also search for wooden tray decoration ideas and customize them for different rooms.

Tips for Buying the Wooden Trays

Here are a few tips for buying wooden trays:

  • Wooden Material - Depending on the wooden material, trays might vary in durability, so it is better to find the wooden material before making a purchase decision.
  • Tray Size - Considering your requirements, you must look for the right size of the wooden tray to buy.
  • Wooden Tray Design - If you aim to decorate your trays further, then opting for a simpler wooden tray will work; otherwise, you'll have to explore the design options available with the manufacturer.
  • Cost - It is an integral factor when choosing the right wooden trays. The price might vary depending on the size, design, material and brand.

Summing Up

Wooden trays are a versatile and stylish addition to any home. Instead of using these trays for serving food, a simple wooden tray can easily be used as a wooden organizer tray or a decorative wooden tray. Besides, you can use it as an improvised table or a coffee tray.

Whatever usage you choose, applying wooden tray decoration ideas can make it even more elegant. So, don't let your extra serving trays sit in the cupboard for long and bring them to proper use.

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