The Best Options for Studying Abroad for Travelers

The Best Options for Studying Abroad

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If you're hoping to study for a degree but also want to make sure that you travel while you're young at the same time, studying abroad can be an excellent way to make sure that you see as many new places as possible whilst you learn.

Studying abroad can not only be an excellent way of learning more about your area of interest or expertise, but it can also open your eyes to a range of new cultures, ways of life, history, languages, and traditions. For many students, traveling for education is something that allows them to become braver and more open-minded, make new friends, and improve their lives. We've put together some of the best ways to make your study abroad dream come true.

1. Applying to University Abroad

Every year, more and more students are applying to study at universities that aren't in their home country. If you'd like to be an international student, there are many different overseas universities who will welcome you on to one of their courses. However, applying to study overseas can often require more work than applying to a college at home. Before you make a final decision on where you'd like to study, you should take into consideration anything that could hold you back, for example, Visa requirements, or how well you can speak the language if necessary.

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You should also make sure that you have fully considered living arrangements whilst abroad; a great website to look at is Collegiate who can give you more information about student accommodation in locations such as Porto. You should also have a solid plan for funding yourself, such as getting a part-time job and ensuring that you get authorization to do this.

2. Online Study

If you're hoping to travel to a range of different countries or simply don't want to get a degree from an overseas university, taking an online degree course can be an excellent way of seeing the world as you study at the same time. Depending on the subject that you choose to study, you will likely be able to complete the programme anywhere that you like, as long as you have your laptop and an internet connection. Bear in mind, however, that you may be required to return home for exams and other assessments. So, check the key dates before you book any flights.

You don't have to quit traveling if you are going to studies.

3. Exchange Programmes

Lastly, another great way to improve your chances of being able to study abroad is to get involved with student exchange programmes. Many universities run a variety of exchange programmes for their students, where you will be able to spend a semester or even a full year studying your chosen subject at another college or university abroad. Exchange programmes are a great way to make new friends, experience another culture and learn new things, such as another language without the need to commit lengthy overseas study.

Also, in many cases, students on the exchange programmes have easier to study, as they are not required to be involved as much as normal students, so they can focus more on traveling.


Studying abroad can be a very exciting and even life-changing experience. Whether you'd like to complete your entire degree abroad, take part in an exchange programme or simply study online whilst you travel, there are plenty of options for seeing more of the world as a student.  

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