Dubai to Mumbai Travel Guide

Dubai to Mumbai Travel Guide

Having plans to travel from Dubai to Mumbai? If this is your first time visiting India then you are in for a great adventure. Of course, by ‘adventure’ we do not mean the adrenaline-rush-inducing Indiana Jones and mystery type of adventure – but yes, you can look forward to elephant rides, visiting temples, and learning a lot about the stories of the gods and goddesses of Indian mythology.

About Mumbai

Just for some introduction to Mumbai for those who are going there for the first time – Bombay was renamed Mumbai some time ago and is one of the most populated places in India. It is also the financial center and the largest city in this amazing country. The iconic Gateway of India (built-in 1924 by the British Raj) stands on the waterfront of Mumbai Harbor. Elephanta Island has some ancient cave temples dedicated to Shiva, an Indian god, which never fails to instill a feeling of awe in tourists.

Dubai to Mumbai Travel Guide

First, let us talk about what you need to pack and how to make sure you get there and find yourself the right place to stay.

Rules for Traveling from Dubai to India

Here are some basics to keep in mind before booking your tickets:

Who can travel to Mumbai (India)

Unlike countries that do not allow nationals or passport holders of Israel, India is open to everyone. So, anyone can travel to India without restrictions. Of course, post covid there are some restrictions, but those are standard. Just make sure you have your covid shots and documents to support the fact that you have had your shots. Run the necessary tests as well.

Documents Needed Upon Arrival in Mumbai

When you arrive, irrespective of your nationality and covid vaccination, you will also have to show the following:

  • Completed self-declaration form which you can download from Air Suvidha. It must include your plan for the first 14 days so keep it on your phone or with you all the time.
  • Make sure the information is authentic before submission. Note that you may be subject to criminal persecution if caught engaging in any illegal and criminal activity.
  • Submit an undertaking that you will abide by the government's authority for any post-arrival requirements as warranted, e.g., self-health monitoring and quarantine in case of positive Covid test results. It is good for your and everyone else's safety around you.

Things to Pack for Your Journey to Mumbai

Depending on the time of the year when you are going, get some idea about the weather. What temperatures are you going to experience, will there be rainfall or cold winds? Plan your wardrobe accordingly. India is a country with mixed cultures and beliefs and is a major tourist attraction so you can feel comfortable dressing anyhow you feel comfortable. It is a free world there, especially as a foreigner – you will be loved and respected. You can expect some royal treatment because the people of Mumbai are very hospitable.

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Booking the Flights from Dubai to Mumbai

Finding a booking to travel to Mumbai from Dubai can be a bit of work if it is the peak time to travel to Mumbai. Peak tourism times are usually from November to February when it is winter. At this time the weather is favorable, so you can visit the attractions and have a great time. To avoid the risk of not getting a booking it is always a great idea to book well ahead of time. At least a month before your visit – start exploring online flight booking websites. Moreover, choose a booking provider you can trust. You would not want to be too close to the booking and then learn that the flight was not confirmed or even canceled due to some mistakes on the agent’s side.

A good website, to begin with, is Almosafer for your itinerary from Dubai to Mumbai. It is one of the most trusted sites in Dubai and there is always ample information available. You can even look for hotels to book for your journey and get details confirmed to have a smooth journey. Especially if you are traveling with kids and family, it would be a great idea to avoid unnecessary problems. So, choose the booking site right.

Accommodation in Mumbai

There are all kinds of accommodations available in Mumbai. You can book at five-star hotels and even simple flats or apartments. It's all up to you. Also, it depends on which parts of the city you would be staying in and how close you want it to be to the airport. One little heads-up while choosing your accommodation is to keep in mind that there are some places where being a foreigner may be a risk you do not need to take. Also, depending on the area be ready to get your hands and legs dirty and muddy. It is all part of the fun and adventure of being in Mumbai so make the most of it and have fun.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Top 3 Places to Visit in Mumbai

Below you will find the best three places to visit while traveling to Mumbai:

#1 Gateway of India

This attraction stands proud and bold in the Arabian Sea. If you have heard of the Apollo Bunder waterfront, you must visit it. This gateway is a very popular landmark. It depicts the amalgamation of both Hindu and Muslim traditional designs. It was built during the era of King George V and Queen Mary, back in 1911 when they visited. The irony here is that the last British troops exited India in 1948 through this archway, after the declaration of independence.

#2 Taj Mahal Palace

Close to the Gateway of India are the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower. It is more than a century old and is an awe-inspiring place to see. It is made of a brownstone on the exterior and is revered for its grandeur. The structure is the work of Renaissance and Islamic architecture and typically has onion domes, covered balconies, and pointed archways. It is a great place to visit and explore.

#3 Kanheri Caves

There are some ancient and breathtaking sites to visit like the Kanheri Caves. It is in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, where you can spend the whole day exploring. You will get to see some impressive monuments and basalt formations that date as old as 2,000 years old. You will also get to see paintings of the Buddha on the ceiling of the caves.

There is so much more to explore, but for now, get your bags ready and head off to Mumbai to explore it.

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