Visiting Tianmen Mountain Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie, China

Visiting East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie

China used to surprise us by building awesome bridges, but this East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie is the craziest one, ever! It's a tourist glass-bottomed footpath located on the mountain in Hebei Province, China. It measures about 870 feet (266 meters) along the cliff, at 3900 feet (1200 meters) high above the sea level.

East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie, China. Source: Wechat.

This may sound absolutely terrifying, but for those who created the East Taihang Glasswalk, it was not enough. There is an optical illusion that makes the glass beneath your feet sounds and looks like cracking into pieces.

About the East Taihang Glasswalk

Imagine yourself a visitor to the East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie, China. You see the glass bridge, it's thousands of feet high in the sky, you are above some clouds and you know that in case of an accident you will fly down for some time. Suddenly a series of cracks appear like a spider web on the floor, under your feet. When that moment came, my heart started to beat really fast.

East Taihang Glasswalk View. Source: VCG / GettyImages.

Well, I am lucky. These are not the real cracks but only an optical illusion - fortunately for all the East Taihang Glasswalk tourists, the bridge itself has never actually broken. It's just a prank and the cracks disappear after just a few seconds. Ok but let's stop talking about the fear.

The East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie in an amazing place not only because it can scare you. It's an awesome experience for everybody who doesn't scare of heights. You will see hear beautiful panorama and will definitely make excellent photographs.

Please, don't break! Famous funny movie from the East Taihang Glasswalk

Some time ago, a very funny movie went through the internet where an old man is crossing the glass bridge and it looks that those bridge starts to crack. Do you recognize it? If not, you can watch it below. This happened on the East Taihang Glasswalk.

How to get to the Tianmen Mountain?

The location of the East Taihang Glasswalk and Tianmen Mountain is really hard to find on the internet. The glass walk is located on the Tianmen Mountain in the Tianmen Mountain National Park, 8 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie city center. Its full name is Ghost PathCoiling Dragon or Guigu Plank Road.

If you want to get to the East Taihang Glasswalk (or just to Tianmen Mountain) from Changzhi, you have to take the bus number 4, 6 or 10 from the Central Bus Terminal or Zhangjiajie city center to Tianmen Mountain. Then you should leave on the bus station called City Garden Cable Car Station. You can also get a taxi directly to Tianmen Mountain from the Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport.

When you will get to the City Garden Cable Car Station in Tianmen Mountain, you can choose to go further by Tianmen Mountain Cable Car or the shuttle bus. This way you will get to the top and Tianmen Cave and then just walk. More information can be found here.


Well, some people may like East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie and some people may not - it depends if you are afraid of heights. For me, it was an ultimate China experience and beautiful views that I enjoyed a lot. If you have some questions about this walk, Zhangjiajie mountains or China, feel free to leave me a comment in the section below.

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  •   7th May 2018, 03:43

    Ive been looking forever. Do you know how to get there? Every time I google it it, i come up with the video of fake cracking but no directions. Id love to visit

    •   7th May 2018, 10:43

      Hi CDKing! Ive added some direction info and a location of this place inside the article in the section How to get to the Tianmen Mountain, I hope this will be enough :-) Regards!

      •   7th May 2018, 12:50

        Perfect thanks Zhangjiajie is already in my list for the Avitar mountain. Ill have to check this out same trip.

  •   16th July 2018, 16:31

    East Taihang Glasswalk is one of the most interesting attractions in China and my little dream. The views are amazing, and a little adrenaline through those bursting glass, a miracle! This text was translated automatically. Original text is below: East Taihang Glasswalk to jedna z ciekawszych atrakcji w Chinach i moje małe marzenie. Widoki są niesamowite, a i trochę adrenaliny przez te pękające szkło, cudo!

  •   15th November 2018, 01:13

    do you know when that east Thaihang Glasswalk was made?

    •   21th November 2018, 17:47

      Hi Esther! Unfortunately, I have no idea when the East Taihang Glasswalk was made and even Wikipedia is quiet about that, sorry.

  •   17th November 2018, 02:06

    Can you provide a detailed map of where this place is and how to get there from say Shenzhen or Guangzhou ? Thanks

    •   21th November 2018, 17:38

      I dont remember the exact location of the East Taihang Glasswalk in Zhangjiajie (as I was traveling to the Tianmen Mountain more than two years ago), but write in google maps Tianmen Fairy Mountain - this is the place you should go and then you can find signs or just ask someone in the tourist information where to go further.

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