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Electric scooter rides in Prague

Are you planning a City break in Prague, catch the top things to do in Prague, enjoy the city with everything it offers, and yet avoid getting tired as a dog? Try an electric scooter. There are lots of advantages; continue reading to find out the most important ones!

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful, but crowded Prague

Prague is a beautiful old city situated in the western part of the Czech Republic in the very heart of Europe. As soon as you see it for the first time, you will be charmed by the fancy facades, the winding alleys entwining the Old town, and the greatest dominant occupying the hill above, Prague Castle. 

The very second thing to cross your mind is that it will be a quite a problem to see everything during a short city break. So, what to do in Prague? Here is my invaluable piece of advice! We are living in the twenty-first century, so why not make use of technology, even during the holiday? Try an electric scooter, and you will still have enough energy for the nightlife even after a long day full of discovering the sights.

Electric scooters

Prague offers two types of rides on electric scooters. Hour-long shorter tours, and three-hour-long tours called “Prague Grand City Tour”. With respect to the fact that the maximum speed of the electric scooter is 25 km/h, endurance up to 120 km, and it is permitted everywhere in Prague center and in all the parks, you will see more in 90 minutes than in half a day. 

Electric scooter tour Prague with Petrin hill and Prague Castle.

I checked the Tripadvisor from Prague and tested the 3-hour-long ride through Prague and I did not regret it! First, we went up two hills surrounding Prague Castle, where there are beautiful parks Petřín and Letná, which offer the most beautiful views of Prague historic center. Then we continued down, crossed the Vltava River and explored Old Town, the Jewish Quarter Josefov, Old Town Square with famous Prague Astronomical Clock, or the Powder Tower - the most renowned dominants. Our guide, Ondra, took us to different places as well, such as Dlouhá and Široká Streets, which only come alive at night. In the bars James Dean, Harleys, or Kozička, you will surely see true Prague nightlife!

After three hours full of fun, we returned thrilled and full of energy for more night adventures. And how did you enjoy Prague? Let me know in the comments!

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    All in all, such electric scooters are not such a bad idea for transport, especially in Prague. This text was translated automatically. Original text is below: W sumie to takie elektryczne skutery to nie taki zły pomysł na transport, po Pradze w szczególności.

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