Finding a Great Place to Eat When Travelling: 6 Practical Tips

Finding a Great Place to Eat When Travelling: 6 Practical Tips

When you're traveling, finding a great place to eat can be tricky. You want to find somewhere that offers good food and service and is within your budget. Here are six practical tips to help you find the perfect restaurant for your needs!

Finding a Great Place to Eat When Travelling: 6 Practical Tips

Do Your Homework 

You need to be prepared for every trip, and one way is by reading about the place you're going to. The travel bloggers at know how much it means that you have some knowledge of the place, culture, and food before you even get there. Doing your homework is one of the best ways for finding a great place to eat when traveling without wasting too much time.

Bloggers are always sincere in their experiences, so you can trust them when they say that doing your homework is worth doing before going on a trip. They will paint you the full picture of what to expect from a place and you can even learn about the local delicacies.

Find Ads Upon Arrival 

As soon as you arrive, try to find the local channels and some local publications to read. In these, you'll often find ads for restaurants. If there are any in your vicinity that look appealing, take a quick walk over and check them out! 

These advertisements can also be a great way to find out about cultural eateries. If you're looking for an authentic experience, take a look at the ads for restaurants that are run by locals rather than chains. 

Even if you don't have time to eat at the restaurant right away, take down the information so you can come back later. Many times, these places will offer discounts or freebies if you show them your ad clipping!

You can also see billboards and other ads around the city. More often than not, these will be for restaurants that are located in your area or on the way to wherever you're going. 

Explore On Your Own

There are multiple ways to explore a city when looking for a great place to eat. Some of these ways are the following:

  • walking around 
  • taking public transport
  • using tour guides
  • asking locals
  • asking fellow travelers 

Each of these methods has its own benefits, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference on how you want to explore. 

These ways can help you spot a good place to eat, as you'll see different parts of the city and get a feel for the culture. You'll also be able to talk to locals and learn about their favorite spots. 

Another advantage of exploring on your own is that it's often more affordable than using tour guides or asking locals for help. This way, you can save your money for exploring restaurants and cafes.

Talk To People 

Be sure to ask people where they recommend eating. Locals are often the best source of recommendations for good food, as they know the area well and have tried many different places themselves. Don't be afraid to ask around, you might be surprised by how willing people are to share their favorite spots with you.

Hotel staff is usually a great source of information, too. They can tell you about places that are popular with tourists, as well as more off-the-beaten-path spots that might be worth checking out.

Ask Fellow Travelers 

Other people who visited the area can also give you some great advice about where to eat. If you know anyone who has been there before, don’t be afraid to ask them about their favorite restaurants. They will likely have a few great suggestions for you. 

It's also likely that they can help you get around town and reach the locations faster. So, don’t be shy and start asking around! 

People who have the same goals as you will be more than happy to share their experiences. After all, asking for advice is something that can help you both. It's also a great way to start a conversation! 

You just might find yourself with a new friend and someone who can show you around the city. So, ask as many people as possible about what they like best in this town when it comes to food!

Use Maps 

Using Google Maps the correct way is probably the best way to find a great place to eat when traveling. You can zoom in and out, view different areas of town, see what restaurants are nearby, and even get directions. 

Maps also offer a "street view" which gives you an idea of what the area looks like around the restaurant. This can be especially helpful if you're looking for something specific like authentic Mexican food or seafood near the ocean.

Practical Tips on Finding Best Place to Eat When Travelling

It's important to find great places to eat when you travel so being prepared is the first step. Find ads once you arrive and explore the town. Talk to locals and hotel staff, and don't be afraid to ask local travelers who can help you out. Finally, use Google Maps to see where the closest and best-rated restaurants are in the area. Have a fun trip!

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