Finding Casual Hookups While Traveling: 7 Tips

Finding Casual Hookups While Traveling: 7 Tips

If you are thinking about hooking up this summer while you travel, here are 7 top tips to ensure you have a fulfilling, memorable, safe, and fun experience.

For starters, know who and what you want. This will make your search much more straightforward. Next, consider using a dating app with a subscription fee, and make sure to choose an app that will give you what you need. When you find a potential hookup, remember to make safe and smart decisions and protect your identity. Finally, don’t get too attached!

Finding Casual Hookups While Traveling: 7 Tips

Know What You Want

Rule number one is to know what you want before you start looking. Depending on your interests, you will have to find the appropriate dating app and specify your wants on your profile. So, are you looking for BDSM hookups, casual hookups, and dating, one-night stands, or role-play…? Remember, there is a huge variety of dating apps and users out there, so don’t be afraid to go for what you want.

Know Who You Want

The next step is to know who you want. Is your ideal partner your age? A sugar daddy? LGBT+? Into fetishes, bondage, or games? Or are you just looking for someone you can have a laugh with? If you do not know who you want before you start to scroll through a dating app, you will find that you quickly become overwhelmed with choices. This can make you scroll past a great match or lose interest quickly.

Moreover, your perfect match might not know they are well suited for you if you do not make it clear on your profile who you are looking for. State your interests on your profile and apply filters to narrow down your search for the perfect hookup partner.

Consider Using Apps With A Subscription Fee

While there are several dating apps out there that are free to use, such as the world-famous Tinder, you might find that the better-quality apps have a fee. Generally speaking, a user who is willing to pay a fee is more serious in their search for a partner, and this is an appealing attribute. 

If you are searching for a hookup partner, you do not want to have your time wasted by people using a free app just for a laugh and who might not be willing to commit to a meeting. Read reviews and choose your app based on the overall quality and people’s positive testimonies, but do not let a subscription fee turn you off.

Find The Right App

Now that you know who and what you want, and you are willing to consider using an app with a subscription fee, you can begin to compare dating apps to find the one for you. You can browse your options at and take into account the costs, target audience, special features, and pros, and cons of the many available dating apps. Remember, if you try one and do not enjoy it, then you can try and try again.

Make Safe Decisions 

Once you have found the right app for you, and you are arranging a hookup, you need to make safe and sensible decisions. For instance, always use protection. You and your partner have every right to hook up as often as you like with as many partners as you like, but with this in mind, protection is a must for your health and wellbeing. 

On top of this, always meet in a public place before going somewhere private to enjoy your evening. You can only get a sense of a person and their character, mannerisms, and values, once you meet in person. You should always ensure you feel safe with a person before agreeing to be alone with them. Send your location to a friend when you meet your date so they can check up on you.

Protect Your Identity

While on the apps and even on the date, do not divulge too much personal information. This hookup is not intended to lead to love and marriage, so you do not need to give information about where you work or live, what your surname is or any financial information. Be wary of scams and try to just live in the moment.

Don’t Get Too Attached!

Remember, this is about meeting someone while you are away from home, having your (safe and consensual) fun, and then saying a cheery goodbye. The fun of hookups is the impermanent nature of the dalliance. Try to remember this, have a great time, and don’t expect it to turn into a whirlwind romance - though if it does, good for you!

If you are thinking about hooking up this summer while you travel, here are 7 top tips to ensure you have a fulfilling, memorable, safe, and fun experience.

If you follow these 7 top tips for having a successful casual hookup abroad, you will have fun, stay safe and make great holiday memories. Remember to know who and what you’re looking for, compare all apps and costs before choosing one, make safe decisions, protect your identity and have fun! Holiday hookups are not forever, so live in the moment and then move on. Good luck.

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