Got The Travel Bug? 4 Tips To Help You Combat It Whilst You Can’t Travel

Got The Travel Bug? 4 Tips To Help You Combat It Whilst You Can’t Travel

There are many reasons to travel, including enriching your life and enjoying new cultures. However, there are also many things that can prevent you from taking a break and hitting the road. Traveling abroad can be expensive, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. These factors aren’t always enough to suppress the travel bug, but you need to be savvy if you want to stay safe.

You can receive a similarly relaxing effect by placing nature-scented candles in your home.

So, what do you do when you get the urge to travel but can’t because of one of the reasons listed above? Read on to find out.


One of the benefits of traveling abroad is that it can provide you with a relaxing break. However, a lot of what we consider to be relaxing comes from the sensory information around us. That is why you can receive a similarly relaxing effect by placing nature-scented candles in your home.

Living in an urban area can make you crave the great outdoors even more. That is why The Sojourn Company makes some of the best candles for relaxation. They have created many nature-inspired candles that can deliver the smell of the coast, the forest, or anywhere else you would like to be. Bring the outside world to you and relax with some well-paced candles around the home.


Biophilia is the ancient Greek way of explaining a love of living things. Wherever you travel, you are likely to find yourself surrounded by a variety of living things from animals to plant life. While you may not have the means necessary to bring these features into your home, there are some things you can try to demonstrate your biophilia.

One example is placing plants around your home. Indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress and improve the air quality of your environment. Another example is using wallpaper to make your home feel even more environmentally friendly. You can add a plant-themed feature wall to the rooms in your home or decorate the entire space. Doing so can make your living space feel much bigger and removes the need for you to constantly travel to see exotic plant life.

Learn Something New

Another key benefit of traveling is that it offers you the chance to learn something new. However, travel isn’t the only way to pick up some new skills.

You will find plenty of classes in your local area that can teach you a new language or how to cook another cuisine. You can even take part in these activities from the comfort of your own home. Learning these new skills can help delay your urge to travel and can prepare you for your next trip when the time comes.

Learn a new language or how to cook another cuisine.

Become A Local Tourist

The best things in life aren’t exclusive to expensive trips abroad. It is likely that your home city and the surrounding area have plenty of historical significance as well as a ton of things to see and do. You just never experience these things because they are on your doorstep and available to visit at any time.

Why not use your urge to travel to become a local tourist, instead? You can head out your front door and treat your immediate area as you would a foreign destination. This allows you to experience some of the benefits of travel without spending too much money or taking a lot of time out of your regular schedule.


As you can probably tell, you do not have to head to the other side of the globe every time the travel bug rears its head. Just keep some of the tips above in mind and you can feel like you are on a regular holiday without any of the common drawbacks.

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