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How to stay healthy while traveling

How to stay healthy while traveling?

Traveling can be fun, inspirational, and maybe even life-changing, but it can really take a toll on one’s body. The stress of flying can easily get to your system faster than you can say “boarding,” while exercise and dieting often get placed on the back burner in favor of the carefree vacation lifestyle. Health is probably the last thing you want to think about when you’re busy hopping from destination to destination, but all you’re doing is setting yourself up for a sick day stuck in your hotel.

If you want to keep yourself in check and make sure you come home in one relatively germ-free piece, read on and learn something more about how to stay healthy while traveling.

Stretch and meditate

If you’ve got a packed itinerary ahead of you, it’s good to warm up your body first thing in the morning to prepare for what’s to come. All you need is five minutes of your day to stretch out your muscles and take a moment of silence to breathe. Not only is it refreshing, but you’ll immediately feel a burst of energy. If you can, do it outside so you get a dose of fresh air.

Always be prepared

You won’t always have soap and water on you, and just because you can’t see all the bacteria on every surface you touch doesn’t mean they’re not there. Have a sanitizer and some disinfecting wipes at all times. Other first aid kit essentials are band-aids (just in case), basic meds, and sunblock. 

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Stay active

We know a vacation is supposed to be a break, but hear us out. Personal trainer Paige Waehner explains that a vacation can actually be the perfect time to exercise. At home, you’re most likely holed up in the same steel gym, which can be a drag. Working out on vacation can help you break free from routine and provide you with new ways to move your body. It doesn’t have to be rigorous and can be something fun. Most anything can be turned into exercise — like walking on the beach, biking around town, or even shopping.

Eat mindfully

Not saying you have to count your carbs (how about nope!) but it's good to eat with intention instead of mindlessly consuming empty calories left and right. You’re probably going to have a drink or two (or ten), but Pretty Me emphasizes the importance of cleansing your liver and colon of nasty toxins to promote overall health. Consider bringing with you diet supplements that can not only keep your eating habits in check but will also aid your liver as it works over time. Amp up your fruit and veggie intake with every meal, and try to pick healthier options when dining out. Lastly, hit the nearest neighborhood mart and stock up on healthy snacks you can munch on when you get hungry on the road.

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Take vitamins

Vitamins can be more useful than you think. Bustle suggests bringing along vitamins, depending on your type of vacation and location. For example, Vitamin B is ideal for extra jolts of energy if your vacation is a little more on the active and wild side, while probiotics will save you in the event of an adventurous food trip gone bad.

Don’t neglect sleep

We know you want to maximize your vacation, but not to the point where you compromise your sleep. Rest is non-negotiable when you’re hopping through time zones and constantly in transit. Listen to your body to see how many hours of rest you need to fuel you for the day.


This is a no-brainer. Carry a water bottle at all times, especially in foreign places where tap water might make your unfamiliar stomach funky.


Staying healthy while traveling isn’t as hard as you think! It’s much harder to do damage control when trouble brews in paradise, but being prepared is always the key. You’ll thank yourself later!

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