How to Stick to a Keto Diet

How to Stick to a Keto Diet

The keto diet is a truly effective way to lose weight, unlike many other fad diets and trends. In a nutshell, the keto diet relies on inducing a state of “ketosis” in the body. Ketosis is a natural state where your body burns fat for energy rather than carbs.

How to Stick to a Keto Diet

But you can only do that by cutting carbs out of your diet almost completely! Since carbs form the bulk of many delicious foods, ranging from bread to pasta to more, this can be pretty tough for many folks – even if you enjoy healthy snacks from brands like Miiro.

Want to try keto, but not sure if you can stick with it? Follow these tips to stick with a keto diet and see results in no time.

Get a Food Processor

One of the earliest things you can do to maximize the odds of sticking to your keto diet is by a food processor. Food processors heavily cut down on the time you have to spend in the kitchen prepping food and ingredients. These are multipurpose tools that can grind, chop, and slice food ingredients, making whipping up delicious keto recipes much easier than otherwise.

Cook Food in Big Batches

Next, consider cooking a lot of your keto-friendly food in large batches. Why does this help?

If you already have a food processor, you can begin batch cooking to avoid having to cook every day. This is doubly important if you follow the keto diet since you’ll have to create a lot of your food items or just order keto prepared meals.

It’s much easier and simpler, in many cases at least, to put together several meals’ worth of food at once than it is to make a small meal, put all your tools and ingredients away, then return to the kitchen in a few hours to do it again.

By cooking food in big batches, you’ll lower the labor you have to go through to follow a keto diet: a key part of succeeding with this diet!

Veggies Are Your Friends

When you follow the keto diet, odds are you’ll get hungry sooner rather than later. That’s because your body isn’t used to being starved of carbs.

However, vegetables are great substitutes for carbohydrates. Your body doesn't burn them for energy, so the fat-burning effect still happens. However, veggies have a lot of fiber, which fills up your stomach, contributes to a healthy gut microbiome, and which prevents you from feeling hungry for too long. Plus, they are usually packed with healthy micronutrients!

Veggies Are Your Friends

Don’t Forget Healthy Snacks!

Naturally, no keto diet is complete without a long list of healthy snacks. Snacks are integral to a successful keto diet regimen since odds are you’ll have a hankering for food pretty frequently as your body craves carbs, especially in the beginning few weeks and months.

Luckily, brands like Miiro offer plenty of healthy, keto-friendly snacks, like keto-friendly chocolate chips. Not only are these great to enjoy by themselves, but they are perfect for combining with keto recipes to add a bit of sugary sweetness to your chosen delectable delights.

Draw up a list of high-quality, healthy snacks to reach for when you get the munchies. It’s the best way to avoid the temptation to cheat on your diet and reach for a bag of potato chips instead!

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is key to following a keto diet successfully. Whenever you exercise, passive keto levels get boosted throughout your body. This helps you transition to the ketosis state more smoothly than otherwise.

Basically, by exercising, you’ll burn fat more easily and you’ll feel better following the keto diet in general. What’s not to like?

Consider Prepping Your Meals

Lastly, consider following a food prep schedule. If you're already cooking in batches, make several meals for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner ahead of schedule, then put them in washable Tupperware containers. When you prep your meals, you can then simply reach into the refrigerator, pick up a healthy keto-friendly meal, and go on your way.

This is important so you don't feel tempted to go to a fast-food restaurant while at work and so you don't stop at the vending machine for a snack. Make things easy on yourself and have your keto-friendly food within reach by prepping your meals regularly!

Wrap Up

As you can see, you can stick to a keto diet if you set yourself up for success and follow the right tips. The keto diet can do miracles, and so long as you have the right mindset and dedication, you’ll shed pounds much faster than you ever believed. Don’t forget to pick up a few healthy snacks from Miiro to keep to your diet and avoid the temptation to cheat!

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