How to Sustain Virtual Relationships

How to Sustain Virtual Relationships

Now more than ever relationships are geographically separated. Due to the increase in online dating platforms that allow people to form real genuine connections with people around the globe, virtual relationships are more prevalent than ever. Additionally, families are disjointed due to work travel and relocation, which can cause parents and grandparents to have to work twice as hard to try and connect with their kids over the phone.

How to Sustain Virtual Relationships

Thankfully, video calling platforms such as FaceTime and Zoom have risen in prevalence which allows you to create bonds with the ones you love even when they are far away. When you don’t have the benefit of being in person, it can be easy to fall into a rut of feeling disjointed and disconnected. Video services and a commitment to maintaining intentionality are two things that can make virtual relationships much easier. It will require dedication, but doing what you can to connect with a person who is geographically far away from you is so worth it. Whether it’s a long-distance romantic relationship or a familial relationship, here are a few tried and true things you can implement into your daily routine to sustain your virtual relationships. 

1. Talk regularly

Falling out of touch happens most quickly when you are in the habit of not talking to the person regularly. In not talking, it allows for time to pass, distance to increase, and you to slowly feel more and more out of touch with the reality of the person’s life. Maintaining daily communication whether through texting, calling, video chatting, or voice messaging can make a huge difference. This allows you to have a feel for what their daily life is like. As a grandparent, it allows you to learn the names of your grandchild's friends and favorite teachers. As a significant other, it allows you to know your partner's work schedule, coworkers' names, and daily rhythms.

2. Learn each other’s schedules

Feeling integrated into each other's worlds despite mostly just talking over the phone can be achieved by having a good feel for one another’s schedules. Knowing around what time they go to bed, go to the gym, eat lunch, or have a lull in their work day in the afternoon. This goes for children’s school and extracurricular schedules as well. The more integrated you are with their schedule, the better chance you have at calling at a time that they are available to talk on the phone. 

3. Have clear communication

Clear communication is your best friend when it comes to long-distance relationships. Many people struggle with control, and not knowing what their loved one is doing. Set boundaries around your schedule if you don’t want to talk 24/7 and communicate your expectations. Always work to be completely honest about things you wouldn’t be able to hide if you were dating in person. Many people in online relationships may try to keep up a facade that they are thinner than they are or that they make more money than they do. Clear, honest communication is the foundation of a relationship. 

Have clear communication

4. Keep up with them on social media

Social media can be a fantastic way to stay connected with your family members or loved ones. By making a point to comment on their pictures and post actively about your life as well, it allows for both parties to feel like they’re getting a glimpse into the other person’s world. Pictures and daily updates create a way to maximize your visual scope into their life.

5. Have virtual date nights

Now more than ever, technology has evolved to make connections over video calling easy. Many streaming services have created a way to log on and watch a movie at the same time with someone. Try making dinner together over facetime or enjoying a glass of wine together as you wind down and debrief your days. Intentionally creating space on video calls to recreate seemingly normal moments that you would normally do together in person can be very special. 

6. Do activities with kids over FaceTime

It can be hard to hold a child’s attention over a video call. This can lead parents or grandparents to feel disconnected. Thankfully there are apps that create virtual activities that you can do together that create more things to talk about on FaceTime with your child and keeps them on the phone longer. Whether it’s completing a puzzle, baking, playing sports, going fishing, or drawing, there are tons of online activities you can do to create time for connection. 

7. Send tokens of your love

Showing a person you are thinking of them is an important part of sustaining online relationships. Especially because so much of your relationship is tied up in virtual interaction, sending a letter, a gift, or a surprise that arrives in the mail or is delivered to their workplace or school is a really easy way to show them you care.

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