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Why you shouldn't be afraid traveling alone?

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Did you ever heard "You know, I cannot go.", "Yes I promised, but I don't have money now.", "Cannot travel this year." etc. Did you change your plans because of that? Did you reject your dream trip because of somebody? Are you afraid of being a solo traveler? If any of those questions is yes, you must read why you shouldn't be afraid traveling alone.

More than two months ago, I and my friend had planned a trip to Brazil for almost a month (you can read about that trip here: Brazil Travel Blog). I was really surprised when less than 4 weeks before our departure he said that he changed his mind and he cannot go. I've tried to make him reconsider this decision, but with no luck. I was searching for another friend to replace him, but it was too late, so I had two options: give up my dream trip or go out my comfort zone and try to travel alone. I chose the second option and trust me, this was an amazing adventure!

This was not the only trip cancellation by my friends (or strangers, as I even traveled with people I known on the internet) as this comes to me every few years. They are too busy, got flue or other diseases, they don't want to go to the cold country, have no money... This happens the same as sometimes people join you during your travels. No big deal. Well, this shouldn't be a big deal. You know why? Because solo traveling may give you great experiences you will not forget.

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I refused to wait for my friend and decided to go to Brazil on my own. There were amazing places I wanted to see and I had only one life that I didn't want to waste. This was my dreams and I wanted to make them come true. Remember about that not only when traveling.

After some time I've just learned that if I will wait for others, I won't get anywhere.

Traveling alone may scare you, especially when you do it for the first time. But trust me, live your life without new experiences and achievements is much scarier. And after your first solo trip, you will see that there is nothing to worry about and when you travel on your own, many things just became much easier.

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First of all, when you travel solo, you will notice your new freedom. You don't have to watch for anybody. You just wake up and go to sleep when you want, you can go where you want and when you want. Nobody will stop you, nobody will hold you. Everything depends on you. You like fast traveling? Few hours in one town and then go to another? No problem. Like long sunbathing or hate it? No problem! You just don't have to do anything you don't want to and there are no compromises!

Solo travel is cheaper: airline tickets, hotels, other transportation, food. It is also a great way to learn how to survive out of your comfort zone and outside your country. You will learn how to talk to strangers (or even have new friends), who to trust, how to make your trip plans. Every time you traveling solo you learn to be more confident and independent. And that's a good thing.

Even if after that kind of solo trip, you will say "Oh well, it was horrible and I don't want to do this again", well, you've tried. Solo travel may not be for everyone, but is not better to find it out for yourself? I don't want to ask myself a question "What if I..." for the rest of my life. Better check it out. In my opinion, every traveler should try solo travel at least once in life. I really enjoyed all my alone trips and I am sure I will go for more soon.

In conclusion. Don't wait for others if the hold you back. You have just one life and only that matters, there is only now. Don't let anybody stop you from living your own dreams. Start now. Start today. If I wouldn't do that, I would probably still be at home wondering how Brazil looks like. And now I can tell great stories about it. You choose, what is better.

So, are you ready for your first solo travel? If you are still afraid of planning your own trip, you might be interesting reading why you should do this and how traveling can improve your health and happiness. This article might really help you to make this first step!

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