Important things to know before travelling to Hong Kong

Important things to know before travelling to Hong Kong

From April 1, Hongkongers stuck abroad will be able to return to the city without having to 'washout' in other countries. Residents restricted from travel are now booking vacations overseas, with mandatory isolation now reduced to seven days. If you're among the many people who have already begun planning their trip or will be visiting the city later this month, we've put up a guide to assist you with all you need to know.

Important things to know before travelling to Hong Kong

Who can return to or travel to Hong Kong?

Only Hong Kong residents who are properly vaccinated are permitted to enter the city. Those who cannot receive the Covid-19 vaccine due to health reasons must provide valid proof, for foreigners, the Hong Kong par application online, is a digital service that allows visitors to enter the city.

From April 1, returning Hongkongers from restricted countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, Nepal, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, India, France, Pakistan, and would be able to enter the city. Group requirements for countries have also been eliminated, allowing all returning Hong Kong residents to book a plane to the city.

Except for visitors from mainland China, Taiwan, and Macao, the city remains closed to non-Hong Kong residents. Non-residents will be allowed to enter Hong Kong beginning May 1, although visitors will be subjected to the same testing and quarantine standards as arriving Hong Kong residents. We'll keep you updated when additional information becomes available.

What if my visa is expiring?

If you are not a native Hong Kong citizen and are travelling on a work visa, be sure it is valid for at least six months, or you will be denied access.

The Immigration Department (ImmD) offers electronic visa applications and 'e-Visa' arrangements, allowing applicants to complete the entire process without visiting an immigration office.

Assume your visa renewal is currently underway, and flight cancellations have caused you to miss your journey back to Hong Kong before your visa expires. In that scenario, sending an authorized person to the ImmD office to correct your reentry is the best option. Because some government officials continue to work from home, emails and phone calls may take a while.

What are the requirements to enter Hong Kong?

What are the requirements to enter Hong Kong?

Although flight bans have been lifted, border controls remain in place. The following are the requirements for entering Hong Kong:

  • Valid vaccination certificates
  • Negative RT-PCR test results were obtained within 48 hours, as well as verification that the laboratory is ISO15189 authorized, or government recognized
  • Seven-night room booking verification from certified quarantine hotels dated the same day as your arrival in HK; or 14 nights if you want to prolong your stay and avoid the early discharge from quarantine.

What next after booking your flight

Compile hard copies of your ticket, verified quarantine hotel booking, immunization record, and negative RT-PCR test results to facilitate a smooth and timely arrival. If you cannot print your hotel confirmation, digital versions will be acceptable.

Then, go to the government's Health Declaration System and register your details. Following registration, you will get a generated QR code containing all the information you provided. When you arrive at the airport, you must present this QR code to complete all formalities.

Some flights allow travelers to upload their relevant travel documents beforehand when you receive your e-tickets, reducing check-in time.

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