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How to keep cycling after having kids and becoming a parent

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There is no doubt that having a kid is a life experience and it's probably one of the proudest moments of any parent's life. We all want to show o our children the right place in the world and sometimes we put in a shelf the things we love, like a bike ride. But having kids doesn't mean we need to stop cycling.

Every parent knows that becoming a parent comes with some changes, like sleep deprivation, less personal time and reduced independence. All of this can make hard for us to keep being an everyday cyclist. So, what can we do to be able to get on our lovely bike without throwing the kid from our home? Just kidding, we all know that having a kid is way more important than cycling. Probably. ;-)

Bicycle with Kids

Try to cycle with your kid

We live in times that we are afraid to go out with our kids before they'll get 2 or 3 years old. In my opinion, this is wrong, because we do nothing that just sitting in the house and our children are starting to know the world from TV. We should buy a special bike chair for our kid and start exploring the world with him. Remember just to get your child a proper, warm clothes. Of course, we need to find a balance with that, but we definitely shouldn't give up on a bike just because we have a kid.

Its good to be organized

Be organized to save some time

The best way to get some time for things we love is to make other things we love less a bit faster. To do this, we should think about organizing our lives better. Maybe wake up a little earlier, maybe make groceries only once a week, but make it much bigger? There are plenty of ways how to achieve that, but it's also a very individual thing that depends on our lifestyle. Think about it, make plans and adjustments. You will see, that we always have some time, we just need to be more organized.

City Traffic

Working outside the house? Get rid of your car or bus

This is probably one of the simplest and the most effective things you can do to cycle. If you work outside the house and going to your office by car or bus, stop that and get on the bike. Cycling to your work will not only make you richer (no petrol, no tickets) but also healthier.

Try to work one day a week from home

In this modern times we have a lot of different jobs and in some of them, we are able to work remotely from home. If we have that option, try to do this once a week. You won't need then to waste your time going to the office, you will spend a little bit time with your kid and you will find out that you can have a free evening that you can spend on cycling.

View From the Stationary Bike

Get yourself a stationary bike :-)

This is not the real bike, but it can help you to keep you in shape. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't cycle at all, but there will be moments that getting 30 minutes training on a stationary bike will be possible, while the same with your normal bike just won't because getting a bike and going outside also consume the time. 


So there is a way to keep cycling after having kids and becoming a parent. All we need to do is to make some changes in our lives and we just have to try a little bit more. But remember, we can always find some time for the things we love, no matter what. If you have other ideas how to cycle when having kids or just have some questions related to bikes, please leave me a comment in the section below. Good luck!

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    How to keep cycling after having kids and becoming a parent? Dont have a kids! :-D

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