Othello Tunnels in Canada: How long it takes, how to get here

Canada Road Trip #2: Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels in Canada. Source: Natulive Canada / Wikipedia.

After visiting many interesting places in Vancouver, my next stop was Othello Tunnels, located 2 hours drive from the city, in Hope, British Columbia, Canada. Once they were railway tunnels and the remains of the bigger train system, but nowadays it changed into a hiking trail and can be trekked on foot.

Othello Tunnels is a great tourist attraction and an easy hiking trail. While traveling here, make sure to take a camera, as you will be able to make some great photos. In this travel guide and Canada travel blog, you will learn some practical information (how to get here, how long it takes) about Othello Tunnels and its history. So, what exactly Othello Tunnels were in the past?

Kettle Valley Railroad (KVR)

Kettle Valley Railroad (in short: KVR) was constructed by the Canadian Pacific Railway to connect southern coast to Kootenay region. To finish that huge investment, they needed a talented Chief Engineer.

The Chief Engineer of the construction of Kettle Valley Railroad was Andrew McCulloch, who said that it was the most challenging project in his career.

The construction of Kettle Valley Railroad began in 1910 and was finished in 1916. In 1914, Canadian Pacific Railway decided to build five tunnels through the Coquihalla River Canyon. It was not easy, mostly because of harsh winters and sheer vertical walls. Workers had to use simple ropes, suspension bridges, and cliff ladders, which was very dangerous.

Entrance to the Othello Tunnels. Source: GoToVan / Flickr.

Othello Tunnels Hiking Trail

The Othello Tunnels (and the whole Kettle Valley Railroad) was abandoned in portions from 1961, but the last train came here in 1989. After that, it was transformed into the popular trail. Right now it's even an official part of the Canada trail system and the official name is Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, but most people just call it Othello Tunnels Hiking Trail.

If you are on the west coast of Canada or in Vancouver and you have a car, the Othello Tunnels are the perfect place to spend some time and make some great photos. Warning: The Othello Tunnels in Canada are closed during the winter due to unsafe conditions, falling rocks, and ice. You can get there only from April 1 to October 31. It can be closed even sometimes in summer, so the best idea before the visit is to contact Park Operator on phone number 604 986-9371 or e-mail: info@seatoskyparks.com.

Othello Tunnels and Rambo

Have you watched "Rambo: The First Blood"? It was a very popular movie in the 1980s. Several scenes were shot in the Othello Tunnels in Canada. Rambo hung here on the cliff and hid in front of the policeman. You can even see the canyon in the official trailer.

Othello Tunnels Hiking Trail. Source: GoToVan / Flickr.

Practical information

Below you will find some practical information about Othello Tunnels in Canada. First of all, there is no fee to get into the tunnels.

How long it takes to get through the Othello Tunnels and back?

If you really want, you can get through the Othello Tunnels and go back in 45 minutes, but there are so many beautiful views on the way, that you will probably spend here at least 1,5 hour, and the preferred time is 2 hours, especially if you have a camera and want to make some photos.

How to get to Othello Tunnels?

Unfortunately, there is no public transport that comes to Othello Tunnels, so the only way to get here is by a car. One of the easiest ways to drive here is to take Exit nr 183 "Othello Road" from the Coquihalla Highway, about 6 kilometers east of the junction to the Crowsnest Highway.

When you will turn off the highway, continue west along Othello Road, back towards Hope. After about 3 kilometers, you will see the signs to turn left to Coquihalla Provincial Park. By using this road, called Tunnel Road, you will get into the parking lot and Othello Tunnels, Canada.

Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park in Canada. Source: Murray Foubister / Wikipedia.


The Othello Tunnels are a definitely unusual tourist attraction and interesting place in Canada. In this travel guide, I've tried to put all the information about the tunnels in one place: about its history, some practical information, how to get here, how long takes to get through it etc. If you enjoyed my Canada travel blog or have any questions about Othello Tunnels, feel free to write me a comment in the section below.

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