RV Solar Power: Is it Right for You?

RV Solar Power: Is it Right for You?

The use of solar power has been a trending topic in recent times, with more and more homes, businesses, and now even RVs turning to the sun's energy to power their electricity. You may have even found yourself questioning if this might be a worthy investment for you. 

RV Solar Power: Is it Right for You?

Solar power gives travelers and campers the freedom to roam wherever they want while reducing their carbon footprint and without having to compromise the electrical comforts of home. Here we give you the basics you should know about this renewable source of energy and how it can benefit you in your adventures! 

The History of Solar Power

In 1839, a French scientist, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, discovered that sunlight could produce an electrical charge when using certain materials.  Later in the 1950s, in the effort to get humankind to the moon, scientists invented solar panels using silicone which allowed them to efficiently harness the sun's energy and convert it into electricity. 

Today, solar panels continue to evolve but still operate with the same concept. What was once considered a huge undertaking reserved for the wealthy is now more accessible than ever with the evolution of technology and more affordable, compact options like portable solar generators that you can take with you anywhere you go. 

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made up of smaller individual solar cells which work to collect the sun's energy and turn it into 12- volt direct current (DC) electricity. The DC is then stored in the battery charge controller to power your electricity, appliances, and devices. If you can't live without your coffee pot or travel with other gadgets like computers that require 120 volts alternating current electricity (AC), an inverter will convert the electricity for you and provide power for those items as well.

The Benefits Of Traveling with RV Solar Power

Although the cost of a solar system is far less pricey than in the past, it can still be a big investment to make, especially when RV sites usually provide electrical outlets for travelers to use. So why convert to this power source? Here are some reasons you might want to switch out your gas-powered generator for solar panels the next time you travel. 

The Benefits Of Traveling with RV Solar Power

Freedom to Travel

For travelers that prefer to stay in more secluded areas with no electrical hook-ups, also known as boondockers, using a solar power system can free you from being limited to campgrounds and RV parks. Being able to harness power from the sun's rays, even on cloudy days, allows you to get the most out of anywhere you choose to go, whether it's a state park, beach, or desert. 

Local Regulations

On the other hand, travelers who'd rather stay on the beaten path can also benefit from ditching generators that burn fuel. Operating gas-powered generators can come with several rules and regulations regarding their use, and most National Parks limit the hours they can be used and require a permit. Solely depending on these could also result in finding yourself without power if a local fire ban is ordered or you happen to find yourself in an area with protected birds. Solar power saves you the worry of breaking any local rules and enjoying your time the way you planned.


Generally, people who spend time in nature tend to care more about being environmentally friendly. If this sounds like you, a solar panel power system is the perfect addition to your RV as it is a clean, renewable energy source that is 100% eco-friendly. Although there are emission guidelines for gas-powered generators, solar power eliminates air pollution and is much better for the Earth. 

Go Off-Grid For Longer Periods

One of the bigger downsides of traditional gas-powered generators is having to rely on outside fuel sources for your power, limiting your time by the amount of fuel you bring. With solar panels, your only limitation is sunlight and, as long as your battery is charged, you have the freedom to stay off the grid for as long as you'd like. If you consider yourself a nomad, investing in a solar power system is a no-brainer. 


Although the upfront cost of a solar energy system can be more than that of traditional generators, having the sun as your power source saves you money on long-term costs like fuel and maintenance. Unlike solar panels, gas-powered generators require routine service to ensure they remain safe and operational. 

Less Noise

If you're a frequent traveler, then you are most likely already familiar with how jarring the noise of a generator can be. Since solar panels don't make any noise, you don't have to worry about annoying any neighbors and, instead, enjoy the peace of nature around you.

Make The Switch to Solar Power

Make The Switch to Solar Power

If you are eco-conscious and looking for more flexibility and freedom when traveling, a solar-powered energy system is well worth the investment for you. Even if you're on a budget, there are still options available that can help you quit relying on shore power and fuel sources. Maximize your RV experience by harnessing the power of the sun!

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