Short 15 Minutes Workout for a Man to do at Home

Man During a Plank Workout

This is definitely one of the best short workout movies for beginners to train at home without any equipment I used to workout on my own.

If you don't have a lot of time to workout and you want to increase the strength of your core muscles, this very simple training should be perfect for you.

It's also created to maximize your fat loose and to improve your stabilization. It takes only 15 minutes, so you can train it in the morning before your work or in the evening. So how this exercise looks like?

First part of workout

  • Jumping jacks
  • Figure skatings (I don't know how to call that)
  • Planks
  • Bridge
  • Push-ups

You should repeat this series three times.

Second part of workout

After that, we will finish it up with a few more sets of core crunches and other push-ups:

  • Crunches
  • Push-ups

Repeat this two times.


This is a workout I used to do myself when I was still a beginner and trust me it works on your inner core muscles and helps you to gain some necessary strength to do more advanced exercises.

I hope you enjoyed this short 15 minutes workout for a man to do at home without any equipment needed. If you do, please leave me a comment in the section below. PS. All movie credits come to The Healthy Gamer.

Wojciech Kuźma

My name is Wojtek and I am very happy that you came to my healthy lifestyle blog. In human life, health is probably the most important factor needed for happiness, so I thought I will make a contribution to this and try to promote healthy eating and sport.

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  •   13th November 2017, 15:38

    Very good and short workout, but I think that its not only for man. It takes me more than 15 minutes, but I can do it and Im a woman :-)

  •   14th November 2017, 09:21

    This training is good and effective, but I still prefer much longer workouts. But if you dont have a time (you should have), this is probably the best short workout for you.

  •   15th November 2017, 08:40

    Looks like you found the same short workout for man to do at home that I do every day and I must agree with you that it works and the best part of it is that you dont need any equipment and it only takes 15 minutes :-)

  •   10th May 2018, 03:00

    I truly appreciate this post. I һave been looking evеrywhere for thіs! Thank goodness I found іt on Bing. Yoսѵe maɗe my ⅾay! Ƭhank yߋu aɡɑin!

  •   11th May 2018, 19:21

    this blog is informative and very much intresting :) thanks for sharing it and giving such good information keep doing this

  •   11th May 2018, 19:39

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  •   15th May 2018, 17:10

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  •   18th June 2018, 14:52

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  •   17th July 2018, 09:30

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  •   12th August 2018, 12:26

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    •   13th August 2018, 09:08

      This text was translated automatically. Original text is below: Ja robiłem codziennie i było widać efekty :-)

  •   29th August 2018, 14:24

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  •   12th September 2018, 11:58

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  •   11th May 2019, 12:09

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  •   3rd September 2019, 14:11

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    •   4th September 2019, 13:22

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  •   2nd June 2020, 17:26

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