The unwritten rules of hiking etiquette

No matter what you do in life, there are always unwritten rules of etiquette that we all abide by, even though we don’t necessarily talk about them. When driving, most people flash their headlights to say thank you, when eating we all put our knives and forks together when we are finished, in the cinema, we avoid eating noisy food and we always open the doors for others to let them through. 

The unwritten rules of hiking etiquette

Hiking is no different, with many unwritten rules of etiquette that we follow subconsciously. You should never litter when on a hike, we don’t play music out of a speaker, destroy pieces of nature, let our pets leave a mess and more. Whether you are on a walking holiday in Sicily, a Camino de Santiago in Porto or taking on a local trial, the etiquette doesn’t change and should always be followed. 

Below are four unwritten rules of hiking etiquette. 

Never leave litter when on a hike

This is a big no, no and something that can really upset other hikers and the public in general. Never leave your litter when on a hike! It doesn’t matter if it’s a banana skin or a bag of crisps, keep it on you until you find a bin. Nature is a beautiful site and should not be ruined by litter. 

Don’t play your music out loud 

You wouldn’t walk along the streets of London playing your music through a speaker so why do it when on a relaxing hike. Never play your music out loud on your phone as it can annoy others and ruin their experience. If you want to listen to music, play it through your headphones. 

Don’t destroy a piece of nature 

Nature is beautiful and the reason people hike is to see the many wonderful landscapes that you get to see. When out on your hike, don’t destroy pieces of nature, leave it as it is. Try not to walk through the bushes or pull apart trees. Always respect the environment you are in as you wouldn’t destroy someone's front garden. 

Never leave your dog poo 

Going out on an adventure with your dog is great fun as they are an extension of your family. When going out with your furry friend, remember to pick up any mess they leave. Never leave the dog poo on a trial as this can ruin it for others, should they tread in it. When picking it up, discard it correctly and don’t throw the bag in the bushes as this is bad for the environment. 

Whether you are on a walking holiday in Sicily, a Camino de Santiago in Porto or taking on a local trial, the etiquette doesn’t change and should always be followed...

Above are four of many unwritten rules of hiking etiquette that are often not spoken about. Most people will respect them but you will sometimes find the odd person who doesn’t. What unwritten hiking rules can you think of? Are there any you think we should be adding to the list above? Which of the above four do you think is most important to follow? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 

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