Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Paddle Board Gear Essentials

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Paddle Board Gear Essentials

If you have already invested in a stand-up paddleboard, there are a few gear essentials you must consider before heading to the waters. Most paddleboards come with a paddle, fins, leash, and repair kit. If your stand-up paddleboard is inflatable, you’ll probably have a hand pump and storage bag in addition to the other gear parts. Here are some gear essentials you may need for your stand-up paddleboard.

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Paddle Board Gear Essentials

Personal Floating Device

The first thing to think about when floating on your paddleboard is safety. Make sure to have a personal floating device. This includes near-shore vests, floatation aids, throwable devices, special use devices, and offshore life jackets. If you are not a good swimmer, it’s best to wear your life jacket while on your paddleboard. Make sure to wear your personal floating device in case of strong winds or tides that can throw you off balance. If anything happens out in the waters, your personal floating device is your plan B. Choose the floating device that does not restrict your movement so that you won’t get tired of it and take it off. Your choice will also depend on the time you are going to spend in the water and the weather. A life jacket is your best bet in cold weather and longer paddles.

Electrical Pump

Solid stand-up paddleboards don’t require a hand pump, but they are heavy and take up a lot of space. If you have an inflatable stand-up paddleboard like the Atoll SUP board, it probably came with a hand pump. While it is perfectly functional, an electrical pump saves you a lot of time compared to a hand pump. You’d also want to maintain your energy level for paddling instead of wasting inflating the paddleboard with a hand pump. Purchase an electric pump that is specific for inflatable stand-up paddleboards.


Your paddleboard comes with a paddle, but it may need an upgrade in the future, especially if you go paddling often. The three-piece paddle that comes with an inflatable board may be fine for occasional boarding, but if you want to paddle like a pro, you will need an upgrade. While a paddle upgrade to a carbon or fiberglass paddle might be expensive, its lightweight and perfect grip control make all the difference. The stiffness of the shaft helps you to navigate the water faster than ever, giving you a more stable paddling experience. There are different sizes and lengths for paddles so try a few and see which one feels the most comfortable before buying it.

Deck Bag and Landing Mat

A deck bag or a dry back comes in handy when you want to store your electronic devices like your phone, wallet, keys, and electric pump. Get a large 10-liter bag if you want to take your camera, water bottle, and sunscreen. You can also get a bigger bag in case you need to take a towel with you or extra clothes like a waterproof jacket. A dry landing mat comes in handy when you are inflating your stand-up paddle so that you can keep all your gear essentials on it to avoid getting them dirty. It is also useful after you are back to shore and want to deflate your board. If you deflate it directly on the sand, it will get messy and get your deck bag dirty. A landing mat can be easily folded or rolled up taking no space in your dry bag. You can use it for different purposes as well like lying on the beach or resting on the sand for lunch.


Don’t forget to take sunscreen with you on your paddling trip and apply it every two hours. Make sure to wear your sunglasses and a protective hat to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. You will need the extra protection because sunlight is strongly reflected from the water’s surface, and you may end up getting severely sunburnt. Make sure to cover all the exposed areas of your skin. Keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated and avoid getting dizzy while paddling.

Here are some gear essentials you may need for your stand-up paddleboard.

Remember to keep a leash with you attached to the board in case you fall in the water. A whistle also comes in handy in case of emergencies so make sure to wear one around your neck for easy access. Always check the weather before you go paddling to be prepared for any surprises, and dress for the water temperature not the air temperature in case you fall in the freezing waters.

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