Useful Tips To Help You Understand How 3D Animation Works

Useful Tips To Help You Understand How 3D Animation Works

A 3D animation is a tool that will make a whole new level of impact regardless of the space where it is used. There is a lot of power this content holds, and one thing is certain: it makes 100% impact and that, just as video, has a great potential to deliver the message.

Useful Tips To Help You Understand How 3D Animation Works

A very important thing about 3D animation is that you need to take the process gradually and not jump to 3D animation tools such as Maya straight away. Instead, there are some tutors that can help you polish the skills and according to some 3D animation professionals, prep work is a key to you reaching the highest point in making these animations. Here are some useful tips that will help you on your journey of understanding these animations. 

Beat List is a Core

Resist your temptation of getting down to the animation software and write your beat list instead. Just imagine you get a task that you need to deliver in no time or you got a fresh new idea to animate, so you go with Maya or Blender and make your thing. This is amazing and everything, but only if you have long experience and confidence to deal with the task offhandedly. However, if you are new to animation, this is not the best thing you can do. Truth to be said, all the 3D animation software are double-edged swords, and it makes the task of animation even more complex beside the complex nature of the animation itself. So, let’s be back to the prep work we have already mentioned. You'll have to think about how to execute the tale you've been given to animate, and juggling all of the aspects at once, such as plot, animation, and execution, will make you nervous, so construct a beat list instead. So, if you came up with the story, make sure to write the flow, and how you will order the “beats” within the same screen. This will function as a type of reminder for you and will be a perfect plan for making the scenes match the beat. 

Connect Music and Story 

The thing about 3D animation is that it is made as a concept for high-end advertising and much more than it. It is, in essence, photo visualization varying from TV advertising, as it is done at 3D animation at, where their team creates photorealistic visualizations, which are required for a decent 3D animation. This leads to having a beat list for the animation. Imagine this, you are given a soundtrack, and you can listen to that music pointing out the most important moments on the screen. Here is the catch. In real life, there you cannot see when someone understands the concept, because it is a part of a mental process, and it happens within your head. On the other hand, the animation is much different since you need to present every small moment of epiphany of the character, and that should be displayed in detail. If you miss showing this moment, and if you do not present your character’s thinking process, you will not be able to convey the meaning behind the product , and you will fail to make the concept functional. Hence, this moment of realization is a key point that will draw complete attention to the focus of the product or service, regardless of the type or purpose. So, having a beat list is a focal point that will make your life incomparably easier. 

Sketches and Poses 

Sketches and Poses 

Take some time and sketch some characters and poses and make the background story of the characters that will tell it. The story beat is something that will help you make the most important poses that will comply with the story and that will deliver the message behind the animation. So, when writing a beat list, it is a great thing if you manage to find the key poses that will tell the story and most importantly support the story. Your characters making some inexplicable poses and movements without contributing to the storyline is something that will just take you time, since these animations usually have time limits. 

Making 3D animations is much more than simply sketching around and playing some music. It takes loads of time to make them and demand a whole storyline and plan of action before it is made. Be careful and make the process gradual, for this is the way you will get to the professional stage much quicker and in a staged manner.

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