Why You Should Pursuit A Career As Real Estate Photographer In Florida - And Tips To Make It Happen

Why You Should Pursuit A Career As Real Estate Photographer In Florida - And Tips To Make It Happen

When you are intending on selling your property and want to present it in the best possible light, you know that you need to do some creative work for this to happen. Also, since we live in the Internet era, it goes without saying that your house will be posted on the internet so it can be sold much faster and exposed to more people. 97% of buyers will see your house for the first time on the Internet, and you need to make sure the quality of the photos, angles, and details are in order. Unless you have some crazy photography skills and know how to take real estate photos, you will need to call the real estate photographer in. In case you are living in a state such as Florida, and you know how crowded the market is, you will need to make your home stand out from the competition.

Why You Should Pursuit A Career As Real Estate Photographer In Florida - And Tips To Make It Happen

A real estate photographer is the real deal and the perfect chance to make your own career while working your dream job. Hence, we have prepared a couple of tips on how to become a real estate photographer in Florida. 

What Is Real Estate Photography?

Before we dive deeper into this story, it is necessary to explain the concept of the entire idea first. Real estate photography is an artistic profession that takes realistic and favorable photos of commercial and residential properties. Typically, they work with realtors who use the photos so they can sell the properties online. Real estate photographers are responsible for handling the pre-production as well as the post-production of the photos. It is part of their responsibility to produce satisfying property photos, where they may include the pre-photo decoration and the post-photo enhancement as well as the editing. Some of the job duties included here are: 

  • preparing the stage of the house, office, apartment, and other properties before the photographing; 
  • planning how they will take the photos; 
  • taking photos of the interior and exterior of the property; 
  • positioning lighting as it should be positioned; 
  • preparing the equipment for the sessions. Some of the mandatory procedures are charging batteries, packing the camera, and clearing the SD cards;
  • taking good care of your equipment such as a camera, lighting, and some other pieces of equipment. This also involves cleaning as well as the replacement of the equipment parts;
  • building portfolio;
  • editing photographs;
  • networking with realtors and some other potential clients.

You Need to Make a Good First Impression 

We all know Florida is an impressive state and is certainly the most desirable one, so, you can assume that competition about anything is in check and that you will need to level up if you want to stand out. Even for the realtors, people who are planning on moving to Florida present a very big challenge, and they need content that will stand out from the competition. It is the reason why they get to collaborate with real estate photographers, so that their estates are captured perfectly. The competition must not discourage you, and as long as you make a good first impression, you are safe. 

When we are talking about selling real estate, first impressions are EVERYTHING. You should go beyond and try to make the perfect shots, videos, and 3D modelings of the property. Also, you will need to try to take every detail in and soak the space as a whole, which will give off the vibes of real devotion and speak for you to do the job with great passion. For you to get here, you will probably need to take some courses and purchase professional equipment; however, once you start getting your leads, you will see how it actually pays off. 

Studying Photography 

For you to become a real estate photographer, you will need to consider the options within this career. Photographers usually have extensive knowledge of cameras, camera equipment, lighting, and composition. They also need to have an artistic eye. You can develop all of these skills by attending a college, art school, or university and earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, which will help you focus on photography. Learning from various professionals can help you understand the best practices, principles, and guides so you can become an expert. In markets such as the Florida one, having a degree may also act as a self-recommendation that will encourage you to pursue a successful career and encourage you to gain confidence in your own skills. 

However, for you to become a real estate photographer, you will not be required to have the degree if you already possess the technical skills and natural talent. Some of the photographers are self-taught and you will be able to develop and improve your skills through constant practice. 

A real estate photographer is the real deal and the perfect chance to make your own career while working your dream job. Hence, we have prepared a couple of tips on how to become a real estate photographer in Florida. 

Buy the Camera Equipment 

Real estate photographers need to have the best quality equipment to capture the photographs that will guard their reputation and help them boost their engagement. You cannot be a successful photographer without possessing basic photography gear such as a good camera, a good lens, a tripod, and various lighting. Here is the basic photography gear: 

  • Cameras: Since real estate photography is a still type of photography, it does not require you to have a super expensive camera that will have abundant features. Instead, you should look up the camera that will work best for you and your budget. The two crucial features you should pay attention to are the multiple exposure bracketing and the ability to trigger a remote flash. The beginner digital single-lens reflex cameras are the ones that will provide you with these features and will also allow you to change the lenses depending on your needs. 
  • Tripod: There are three very important features to consider when choosing the tripod for real estate photography purposes, and these are sturdiness and maximum extension height. A sturdy tripod is one that can support the weight of the camera, and the lens will give it stability so that all of your photos will come out super clear. Look for a tripod that will reach your eye level so you can use your camera without having to bend over. 
  • Camera lens: Wide-angle lenses will allow you to fit more of the image into the frame, which makes them ideal for this type of photography. Florida scenery is the kind that can take your breath away, and when clients hire you to take photos of their homes, it means you should capture even the smallest details. Hence, you should get the lens with a focal length between 10 and 24 millimeters or 16 and 35 millimeters so you can get the best results. 
  • Lighting: When you are shooting outside, you need to make the best use of natural lighting for your images to be of the best quality. However, when you are taking your shots indoors, using softboxes and flashes will help you get the best shots with the most incredible clarity and definition. A softbox is a device that can help you fill the shadows. 

Take the Photos and Learn about Camera 

For you to use your gear, you will need to know every single detail about it and how to use it for the purpose you are intending to. When you first buy your camera, take time to learn what the most efficient ways to use it are and how you should set it. Getting familiar with how to change and set the lenses and flashes and how to adjust your tripod is an absolute must. Then, you need to focus on learning how to take photos from different angles, how to change the lighting, and how to capture all of the property specifics. When you develop your style, you should start sharing your photos with friends and ask them for genuine feedback. 

Once you are confident in the practice, then you should offer your services by taking free photos for the local realtor or contractor, but just at the beginning so you can earn some additional experience. It is like a double win: they will get the free marketing photos, and you will develop skills, gain experience, and earn the material for your portfolio. Also, this will help you connect with other people, which means that you can establish cooperation with potential clients. Practicing with your gear can also be very helpful for you to develop a routine, which will make you a much more efficient photographer. 

Editing Software Proficiency 

Photographs will certainly need some adjustments, and some features will need to be enhanced. Editing software allows you to crop, add light, fix exposure, and sharpen the images. Learning how to edit out the photos will give your photos a doze of professionalism, and mastering this type of software is one of the crucial moments for you to please your client. To this end, your skillfulness and editing proficiency will further determine the post-processing tasks. In the field of real estate photography, clients will often expect a quick turn-around time. 

Make Your Portfolio 

A portfolio is one of the best personal recommendations you can possibly make, and it is one of the perfect ways to demonstrate all of your skills to potential clients. Once you start photographing the properties and gather up all of the images, you need to preserve all of your rights to the images and put them into your portfolio. Creating one of those online portfolios is a super easy way for your work to be accessible. Online portfolios are typically free and super easy to build with all of those customizable templates and super creative designs. 

Earn Your Clients 

In Florida, you will have the chance to meet a whole bunch of clients and get to cooperate with them, but first, you need to earn their trust and play accordingly. You should start off by building your client base by simply marketing your business portfolio to the companies that will potentially need some of your services. You need to ask the clients for references so that you have a very strong verification of the skills that need to be included in your portfolio. 

When you are starting off your client base, some photographers, in the beginning, offer free services and discounts. This is the approach that helps them build trust with the client and is a perfect chance to make some more material for their portfolio. 

What Are the Skills You Will Need to Acquire 

There are many skills you need to acquire as a real estate photographer, and there are a couple of them that are essential if you want to learn to swim in those waters. Here are a couple of them: 

  • Editing: Raw material is typically not accepted and is not good for real estate marketing, and it is a small possibility for you to snap just the perfect photo. So, photographers are using their editing skills that are oriented towards cropping the photos, adding contrast, and changing the light exposure within the image, so it is essential for you to start using the editing software.
  • Scheduling: Photographers do collaborate with clients, and hence they need an efficient schedule that will enable them to take into consideration the best time for the photography to take place. 
  • Computer Skills: Creating and marketing your personal portfolio, as well as editing the photos, requires extensive use of the computer. Hence, you need to understand computers and work with the relevant software. 
  • Communication: As you are working with the clients, you will need to have well-developed communication skills, which are important as you will need to communicate your ideas and negotiate with your potential clients. 

Pursuing a career as a real estate photographer in Florida is a great opportunity for you to start your own small business, which will help you merge your creative side and earn a living. As Florida is indeed a very fertile ground for developing your own business and real estate is very appreciated here, becoming a real estate photographer in this area may provide you with many benefits and will keep you financially secure. 

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