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Wroclaw, one of the best travel destinations in Poland

Wroclaw Main Square and the Town Hall.

While the cities of Krakow and Warsaw are probably the biggest tourist destinations in Poland, there are other hidden gems and Wroclaw is definitely one of them. This city is the large one in the whole western Poland and has some magnificent architecture full of colors and some kind of a unique charm. It all makes Wroclaw one of the best travel destinations in Poland.

So I wrote a few good words about this city, but we should all start with the real question:

Why should you visit Wroclaw (aka Breslaw)?

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Wroclaw.

Beautiful Market Square

When I first saw the heart of Wroclaw and its medieval market square (called in Polish "Rynek"), I was shocked how awesome it is. Unfortunately, the Market Square was destroyed during the World War II, but after rebuilding it's as beautiful as it was before.

Wroclaw is so colorful!

And the colors! Whole Wroclaw's Market Square is lined with colorful townhouses and many great restaurants. Those colors reflect the city's youthful and creative vibe. You cannot miss the Town Hall and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist while being here - both buildings are amazing. All that colors make the city one of the most colorful in the world, even during the winter. Trust me, you will have a serious problem to put the camera away.

Old Town in Wroclaw.

Town Hall

While being at the Market Square, you cannot miss the striking Gothic Town Hall. It was built in the 13th century and it was once the most important building in the city - it was the seat of the council and the municipal authorities. Today in the old town hall building you can find the Museum of Bourgeois Art and the "Piwnica Świdnicka", which is the oldest restaurant in the city.

The Old Town

While wandering through the beautiful buildings of the Old Town, I feel like going inside the winding maze of church spires, vibrantly colored houses, and cobblestoned lanes. It's full of history and medieval architecture. If you have money, you should think about finding here a hostel or hotel to stay.

Ostrow Tumski, the Cathedral Island in Wroclaw.

Ostrow Tumski, the Cathedral Island

The Cathedral Island (called in Polish "Ostrów Tumski") is the oldest part of the Wroclaw city. It's the island placed between branches of the Oder River.

So, you can say that the Wroclaw has its own island, which is dedicated to religious worship. This is the place you can found Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. While is was visiting the city I saw people who lightened the lamps by hand - this was truly magical.

Gnomes in Wroclaw

Spot the Gnomes

Traveling through Wroclaw you can spot some steel gnomes - there is a huge history behind them. Those gnomes were originated in the 80's from the anti-communist and anti-government organization called the Orange Alternative, who were painting gnomes on the walls. It was some kind of peaceful protest to remove the authoritarian regime.

Nowadays there are more than 300 gnomes hiding in the city of Wroclaw and if you want, you can buy a map and try to find them all.

Wroclaw's Gnomes Map

If you are planning to visit Wroclaw and see as many gnomes as you can, I found an interactive Wroclaw's Gnomes Map that can be found below.

Polish Szaszlyk

Food and Drink

Polish food is one of the most delicious in Eastern Europe, so while traveling to Wroclaw you cannot miss the most favorite Polish cuisine. It, of course, includes "bigos" (traditional hunter’s stew), "pierogi" (dumplings traditionally stuffed with different things like meat, fruits or cheese), "golabki" (stuffed cabbage rolls), "kielbasa" (Polish sausage), or "szaszlyk" (grilled skewers of meat and vegetables).

Poland is one of the biggest beer producers in the World, so you can find a number of awesome bars or even a small breweries in the city (like, for example, the one called "Zloty Pies"). If you want to try something stronger, take a vodka tasting tour.


A lot of people travel to visit only two cities in Poland: Krakow, and Warsaw, but there are a lot of other beautiful cities to see and in my opinion, Wroclaw with all its colors is one of the best travel destinations in Poland. If you enjoyed my article or have any other questions about Wroclaw or Poland, please leave me a message in the comment box below.

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    Wroclaw is indeed a very beautiful city, always as there I find something new and interesting. This text was translated automatically. Original text is below: Wrocław to rzeczywiście bardzo piękne miasto, zawsze jak tam jestem znajdę coś nowego i ciekawego.

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