Jordan :: Guide and interesting places for travelers

Jordan :: Guide and interesting places for travelers

Awesome and old archological sites, spectacular deserts and rocks, great and friendly people and some delicious food are only one of the reasons why you should visit Jordan. The main attraction is of course an old city of Petra with the beautiful rock corridors, but there are much more to explore, as the Dead Sea, ancient city of Amman, Madaba, Wadi Rum desert, Jerash, Aqaba or two nature reserves: Mujib and Dana. It doesn't matter what are your reasons, Jordania has a lot of great tourist attractions and interesting places and it's perfect for a road trip with nice roads and cheap fuel. And you can see it all just in single week.

Being in Jordan, it's worth going to the city of Aqaba, a settlement in the south of the country located on the Black Sea for at least a little. In addition to some great historical monuments, we will find here beautiful beaches and fantastic coral reefs to watch while snorkeling or diving. Read more...

Amman, being the capital of Jordan since 1921, is a relatively young city, a creation of the 20th century. In little more than 100 years, the insignificant village turned into a huge agglomeration, which in addition has to offer not only great tourist attractions and interesting places, but also beautiful, old monuments. Read more...

I invite you to a journey through the Jordanian desert of Wadi Run, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place many times chosen as the scenery for famous film productions such as "The Martian", "Prometheus" or "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story". Read more...
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