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  • Bee Amazing
  • BeeAmazing | Bali Travel Tips & Ideas, Bali Eateries, Bali Travel Photo
  • BeeAmazing
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We are duo travel-food blogger and photographer living in the island of Bali, passionate in sharing Bali travel tips & ideas, and Bali culinary delights on

It has been a long overdue, since my last blog post… And it’s shameful actually… to call myself a Bali Travel & Food Blogger with this long hiatus. The year of 2015 is the year of the new opportunity, our business has been shifted to one field that everybody would want to hear about us : How do you hold on to youth, How to feel, live, and look young. I have to apologize to our readers, from any part of the globe, if you visit our blog and kept coming back and found nothing new on the post. I had been wanted to write about this subject that was initially requested by one of our Twitter Followers @VillaBaliCom. As Jimbaran is our home, our neighborhood, we think it would be lovely to recommend what we, as the locals are used to do as the fun activities with friends and family. There’s definitely a long list to do in Jimbaran when you came to the island as a visitor or tourist or traveler, we just want to share what our family and communities around this area love to do on the weekend

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