Interesting sites about photography

The place I will put websites where you can find your photo inspiration or the best pages about photography. Enjoy.


If you are looking for an inspiration, these sites are full of different photos to take a look.

  1. Flickr. One of the best sites I find for photography inspiration. There are millions of photos from every corner of Earth. There is a good way to find inspiration here: first, find your favourite photographers and then see their favourite photos. This way you will find images same style you like. Link: Flickr.
  2. 500px. This popular page is one of the best places to search for high-quality photographs on the web. Link: 500px.
  3. Exposure. This is also a site full of inspirations. It's a bit different that others because you can write a story to every photo you add, what make images much more interesting. Link: Exposure.
  4. Unsplash. This is a website every photo blogger will appreciate. It's filled with photos that can be used in preview images and blog posts on the web, also for commercial purposes. Link: Unsplash.
  5. Google :-) Well, Google is generally the most used by me graphic search engine. You can find similar photos to yours, or search graphics by name. You can also tell google to show you only images you can use on your blog (free license) etc. Link.


  1. ePHOTOzine. Tutorials, tips and techniques for everyone. Learn how to use metering, considering composition and shoot everything from classic cars to derelict buildings. Link: ePHOTOzine.

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