How to save for travels?

Did you ever wanted to travel, but there was no money for that? This articles will help you learn how to save for your travels. All articles from the blog with "Saving for travel" tag.

Are you broke? It's the best time to start traveling

Many people don't know that, but the time you are broke is really the best moment to go traveling. There won't be many things that hold you back and you can focus on how to travel cheaply. You can also get works in different countries and visit new cities at the same time. Read more...

How to change the attitude: “I am too poor to travel”

"These advice are bad. Maybe if you're from a rich family and your parents give you money. Or if you live in the West. Maybe if you have a site that works for you. I'm far too poor to travel"- are you sure? Read more...

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