About me

Wojciech Kuźma
Wojtek, Fshoq! Blog author. Here on a Duga in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Hello there! My name is Wojtek and I am an adventure travel blogger and photographer who wanted to explore the world from the childhood and is doing this now for more than 4 years.

Welcome to my travel blog, my photography blog, my healthy lifestyle blog! It is a lot, but it's my passions and I just love to write about it. I will share here a lot of tips, stories and photos from my journeys and life. This is the place where people can find daily inspiration to travel and motivation to live healthier. I really would like to show you how you can travel the world, seek experiences and open your mind. I hope it's a goal I can achieve.

Fshoq! Blog is focused on providing trip ideas for people with limited vacation time or limited money. It's also about improving your photography skills and about teaching you how can you start a healthy lifestyle.

Every day we are flooded through the internet by extraordinary, so we are starting to think that only special people can go for long, adventure travels or can make awesome photos. The truth is, that you don't need to me extreme talented to do what you really love. Give up your fears: dream, plan and act. Don't let anybody to stop you. Just remember, that you need to work hard to achieve the best.

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