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48 Hour Adventure 11. 48 Hour Adventure Short break guides and travel advice to motivate and inspire career focused people to explore what’s right on their doorstep in a manageable timeframe Keywords: 48, hour, adventure, city, two days, europe, getaway, weekend break, weekend breaks, short break, city break, citybreaks, europe breaks
50 Shades of Age 14. 50 Shades of Age

We had been on the road for just over a month and a half on our travel around Australia in 185 days, and had covered a lot of territory during this time. We’d already travelled from the Gold Coast down the New South Wales coastline to Victoria and the Limestone Coast of South Australia until…

8 Miles from Home 15. 8 Miles from Home British Vegetarian Family Vlog. Mixed race married couple Sacha & J, baby daughter 'Story' & dog Eden. Moved abroad from London to follow their dreams. Now living in Portugal as expats to be closer to... Keywords: moving to portugal,expat,portugal,british,daily vlog
Abandon the Cube 20. Abandon the Cube Travel Journal about living and working in China, funding trips around the world, primarily by land and sea transportation only. We only fly when we have to Keywords: Travel, travel journal, writers, China, United States, breakfast beer, humor, maps, Mongol Rally, backpacking, hiking, camping, driving in foreign countries, travel gear, travel books, Free Travel, funding trips, Asia, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Mongolia
A Couple Travelers 26. A Couple Travelers We do not currently have a description of this page in our database. Keywords: travel, advice, travel news, tips, travel photos, blogging, travel blogs, travel stories, vacation, travel deals, travel pictures, travel videos, tourism information, backpacking, travel links
Active Planet Travels 31. Active Planet Travels Welcome to my Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog About Ron Robbins Hi, I'm Ron Robbins - welcome to my outdoor adventure travel blog Active Planet Travels! Deciding the traditional "9-5 career" was not for me, when I turned 19 I started this blog to document my travels as I went about Keywords: outdoor adventure travel blog, outdoor adventure travel, adventure travel blog, around the world, travel blog
Adventure Rob 38. Adventure Rob A travel website designed to inspire, advise and motivate other people to travel the world. With beautiful photography and humorous writing Keywords: Travel, Backpacking, Adventure, Wanderlust, Nomad, Explore, Vegabond, advice, travel news, travel tips, backpacking, vagabonding, teaching esl, travel links, blogging, travel blog, travel stories, travel deals, travel lists, travel picture, travel photo, tourism information, cities of the world, adventures,
After Globe 47. After Globe Welcome to AfterGlobe. One couple's journey to become free of debt to follow their dream to travel the world. Specializing in Hawaii, exotic destinations, and island travel.
A Globe Well Travelled 51. A Globe Well Travelled I had planned to do very little in Cartagena. To me, travelling does not necessarily mean I'm going on a relaxing vacay. Nearly every trip I've taken in the past 10 years has been packed with sightseeing, city-hopping, day trips, and multi-day excursions. I usually get overexcited about the fact that I'm in a new place, and so I want to squeeze in loads of activities. This time was different. This time, Rob and I were in desperate need of a proper vacation - one where we could actually relax for a few days with no pressure to do anything but chill by the pool. I really tried not to do much, but I couldn't resist fitting in some sightseeing between all the eating and relaxing that we were doing. For a few hours each morning, we ended up leaving the comfort of our hotel to see what Cartagena was all about. Here are 10 things to do in Cartagena, Colombia! 1. Photograph the fruit ladies The fruit ladies (also known as Palenqueras) are one of the highlights of Cartagena. You will find them scattered throughout the old town, dressed in brightly coloured traditional Colombian clothing and selling tropical fruits. Now, these fruit ladies have definitely cottoned-on to how photogenic they are to tourists, and so you won't be able to get a photo of them up close without a tip. Most of them will also want you to buy some of their fruit, so if you speak Spanish, be sure to haggle a good price for some fruit and a photo. I ended up agreeing to pay 4000 pesos as a tip for my 4-5 photos, though I must admit they weren't particularly happy that I didn't buy any of their fruit! 2. Walk along on the Sea wall The wall that surrounds the old town is one of the best features of Cartagena. This Colonial wall was actually built to keep the pirates (of the Caribbean!) out in the 16th century. You can walk up to the top at various points and see some lovely views of the city streets and the ocean. We started our walk at Cafe del Mar, then walked south along the wall to Santa Teresa Square. 3. Explore the streets of El Centro El Centro is the beating heart of Cartagena. It has gorgeous narrow streets, beautiful pastel buildings, and plenty of statues, monuments, and pretty plazas. There's a lot to see in El Centro, and if you want to get a narrative of the local history while you explore it, try a free walking tour. We did the walking tour on our first morning and it was a great introduction to the city. 4. See the churches and cathedrals There are so many pretty churches and cathedrals in Cartagena! While we were there, the Pope was coming to visit so all of the important religious buildings had been given repairs and a thorough clean to prepare for viewing by his holiness. Some of the best ones to check out are Catedral de Santa Catalina, Despacho Parroquial, and Parroquia San Pedro Claver. 5. Visit the clock tower gate In Plaza De La Paz, you'll find the famous Clock Tower Gate (La Torre del Reloj) which was once the main entrance through the wall into the city. The clock tower has an interesting history. When it was built, the city couldn't afford to get a good clockmaster to set the correct times on each of the 4 sides, so it became known as the clock of four faces as each face showed a different time. Obviously this issue has since been corrected! 6. Visit the fortress We visited the fortress (Castillo San Felipe de Barajas) one wet morning, and unfortunately it was closed due to the rain when we arrived. Deciding to wait it out, we hung around for 10 minutes and luckily the skies cleared and the fortress opened up again. The fortress sits just outside of the walled city, and was built by the Spaniards during the 16th century to protect the city from possible invasions. It costs 25,000 pesos for visitors to enter. The fortress was surprisingly fun. There was virtually no signage to tell us what the fortress was all about, but we were allowed to explore nearly every area inside. Treating it like a giant playground for adults, we climbed up to look out of the watch towers, and pretended to shoot cannonballs out over the ocean. There was even a section where we could make our way through pitch black tunnels under the fortress. Even with our smartphone flashlights at full brightness, I only made it 5 minutes in before freaking out and running back outside! 7. Go to a museum If you have some spare time and want to learn about the area's history, there are a few museums in El Centro that you can check out. We did the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro Zenú) which displays the history of gold in Colombia. It was free to enter and a good way to spend an hour escaping the humidity in the air-conditioned building. Another popular museum is the Palace of the Inquisition (Palacio de la Inquisición). The museum is housed in an 18th century Colonial building, and is more of a general historical museum with some displays featuring information on the executions that once happened there. 8. Eat colombian/Caribbean food I wasn't expecting much from the food in Cartagena, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of local restaurants with amazing food options. Many of the places we ate at served Colombian-style dishes with a Caribbean twist (usually rice based meals with salad and fish, or veggies for us vegetarians). If you want to know where to find all the best restaurants, here's my guide on where to eat good food in Cartagena! 9. drink at a rooftop bar My favourite moment in Cartagena was having a glass of wine at the rooftop bar atop the Movich Hotel (Movich Cartagena De Indias). Yes, I know the wine was terribly overpriced, but it didn't matter - watching the sun set over the ocean was so mind-blowing that I didn't care how much it cost. Rob and I sat there for a good hour and a half while the colours of the sky changed from blue to orange to pink and purple. The views of old town Cartagena were also amazing from up here! 10. Go to Getsemani for nightlife You don't need to be into clubs and partying to enjoy the nightlife in Getsemani. This area is mostly known for its lively nighttime atmosphere. Here are some choices for your evening activities. There are a few great bars in the area. Our favourite by far was Demente, which had killer mojitos and a great selection of tapas as well as a large outdoor seating area out the back. You can also go to a salsa club such as Cafe Havana or Bazurto Social Club, though expect a cover charge and the salsa dancing to start late - usually after 10PM. One last thing you should definitely do is hang out in Holy Trinity Square. There will be all sorts of activities going on here. We saw an exercise dance class for women happening, as well as some teens break dancing. Lots of young people tend to sit around the square and drink beer. It's a nice place to hang out and people-watch. Where we stayed: We stayed at Casa Canabal in Getsemani. The place was really lovely, though I was under the impression that our Superior Room had a balcony and I found out on arrival that only 1 or 2 of the rooms have balconies, not all. We did not get one of those rooms, so be aware of that description error if you decide to book. Aside from the balcony debacle, the hotel was great. We spent every day on the rooftop by the pool (which was small, but nice), and I even got a massage (something I literally never do!) at the spa. The location was perfect - it was more of a local neighbourhood than a touristy area, which was cheaper than staying within the walled city. Are you planning a trip to Cartagena? Which activities are you most looking forward to doing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! You might also like: [su_row][su_column size=1/2] Where to eat good food in Cartagena[/su_column] [su_column size=1/2] My 10-day itinerary for a trip to Colombia[/su_column][/su_row]
Ak on the Go 54. Ak on the Go Kids’ CornerWhen You Don’t See Wildlife On a Cruise: 5 ideasFeet casually crossed on the bench seat of the Orca …Read More »Alaska On The GO: Exploring the 49th State with Children is packed with comprehensive travel information all geared toward making your family time in Alaska unforgettable.Order Here Get a copy of Alaska On The …
An Adventurous World 72. An Adventurous World An Adventurous World is a top travel blog capturing the world one destination at a time. Be inspired to travel so make sure you follow me on my adventures! Keywords: An Adventurous World, Macca Sherifi, travel blog, top travel blog, travel vlog, video blog, top UK bloggers, best UK bloggers, best UK blogs, best travel blogs, travel video blog, travel videos, travel series, travel presenter, travel show host, adventure, backpacking, travelling
Anywhere at Home 84. Anywhere at Home Anywhere at home is a blog by Angel and Michelle. We love outdoor activities and people. We will be sharing and documenting places and activities around the world. We believe that home is not a place, but rather who you share life with.
Ascension at Sea 99. Ascension at Sea Cruising logs of a 9 year sailing circumnavigation around the world from western Canada to the BVI | Gord and Ginny Kerr aboard Ascension, 375 Beneteau First sailboat Keywords: sailing,Gord and Ginny Kerr,sailing Ascension,sailing logbook,Asension,sea, yachting, circumnavigation, sail, Beneteau First 375, sailboat,ocean passage making,sailing shirts,sail fast live slow,sailing,greece,turkey,red sea,Corinth Canal marquesas south pacific tuamotos cook islands, suverov,sailing trinidad,trinidad carnival,fiji,vanuatu,new caledonia,offshore sailing,sailing gifts,grenadines,travelouge, caribbean,liveaboard greece turkey indian ocean, tahiti, tonga, solomon islands,boat first aid boat gear,boating weather, marine supplies, navigation, bluewater yacht,anchorages,bloosee,marine,cruising voyage around the world, offshore passage making,sailing destinations,cruising lifestyle
A Wandering Sole 111. A Wandering Sole Blog about traveling around the world, RTW backpacking advice, marathon running, and how to travel around the world Keywords: travel, backpack, RTW, around the world, running, marathons, advice, how to, travel blog, africa, volunteer abroad, writer, adventure, solo female travel
Backpacking Addictz 120. Backpacking Addictz Backpacking Addictz blog that looks at everything to do with backpacking travel. Backpacking travel can become an obsession & life for many, check out our Keywords: backpacking, backpacker, backpacking blog, travel blog, travel guides, travel eguides, backpacker information, budget travel, independent travel, adventure travel, backpacking addictz, backpacking addicts, backpacking information
Backpack Me 124. Backpack Me Travel around the world with A&Z. Come on an adventure with Ashray and Zara as they capture the world through beautiful photos, videos, and more!
Bald Hiker 126. Bald Hiker Travel Blog from Paul Steele and friends sharing Travel, hiking, photography, food and wildlife through personal thoughts, sights and experiences. Keywords: Travel,mountains,adventure,photography,food,wildlife,personal,baldhiker,hiker,cake,hiking,hiker,walking,walks,britain,travel uk,travel britain, travel europe, travel world, photos,north england, cumbria
Bare Pockets 128. Bare Pockets BarePockets - inner travel and rock climbing reports from the world's most alluring off-the-grid destinations. Keywords: rock climbing,eastern europe,outdoor adventure,travel reports,off the grid destinations
Bbq Boy 129. Bbq Boy We're Frank and Lissette, also known as BBQboy and Spanky. We left Canada in July 2014 to travel the world. We write about the places we visit and our lives as full-time travellers.
Bee Amazing 132. Bee Amazing It has been a long overdue, since my last blog post… And it’s shameful actually… to call myself a Bali Travel & Food Blogger with this long hiatus. The year of 2015 is the year of the new opportunity, our business has been shifted to one field that everybody would want to hear about us : How do you hold on to youth, How to feel, live, and look young. I have to apologize to our readers, from any part of the globe, if you visit our blog and kept coming back and found nothing new on the post. I had been wanted to write about this subject that was initially requested by one of our Twitter Followers @VillaBaliCom. As Jimbaran is our home, our neighborhood, we think it would be lovely to recommend what we, as the locals are used to do as the fun activities with friends and family. There’s definitely a long list to do in Jimbaran when you came to the island as a visitor or tourist or traveler, we just want to share what our family and communities around this area love to do on the weekend Keywords: Bali Travel Guide, Bali Blog, Bali Travel Blogger, Bali Beach, Events in Bali, Bali Events, Bali Spa, Bali Villas, Bali Lover, Bali News, Bali Update, Bali Travel Tips, Bali Ideas, Bali Tips, Bali Info, Bali Travel Photo
133. Been Seen ABOUT US . Since creating and opening Verana in 2000, husband and wife team Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre have been busy taking the Verana Experience to the world and
136. Be on the Road Travel blog of an Indian traveler living his dream of experiencing the world and inspiring others to live their travel dream. Keywords: Travel Blog, India Travel Blog, Wildlife Photography, Vegetarian Food, Wildlife Holidays, Adventure Travel, Culture Holidays, Holiday Planning, Motorcycling Vacations, Budget Travel, Travel Tips, Travel Photography, Photography Blog, Trip Planner, Visa Trips, Travel Guides, Destination Guides, Photography Tips, Travel Gear Reviews
150. Bohemian Travelers Family travel blog for traveling with kids, digital nomads and families seeking adventure. Independent slow travel lifestyle tips for top travel destinations, travel preparation, travel with kids, budgeting, hotel reviews and inspiration.
Brave Ski Mom 158. Brave Ski Mom Family skiing tips, unbiased resort and mountain reviews, off-season biking and hiking. We're a western Colorado family that has seen it all and done a lot. I don't just share our adventures. I provide information to help you fuel your own adventure -- from skiing to parenting. Keywords: skiing, ski, parenting, mom, family, ski resorts, snowboarding, telemark skiing, cross country skiing, biking, travel, bike, hiking, hike, hiking, mountain, skiing in colorado, family skiing, ski fashion, biking in colorado, outdoor adventure, ski mom, ski resort reviews
Brock and Tanj Travel Blog 168. Brock and Tanj Travel Blog Welcome to our website and follow our journey! We are husband + wife, adventurers + visual storytellers, who loves to see the world together. Our goal is to see 100 countries in our lifetime and we are halfway there! Keywords: welcome, travelogue, a travelogue, brock, tanj, travels, travel blog, blog, lifestyle blog, travel, couples travel, around the world, world travels, expat lifestyle, lifestyle, expats, asia, europe, north america, south america, africa, living in south ko
Camping Blogger 181. Camping Blogger Promoting family camping and outdoor recreation with tips and tutorials that will make your next family adventure a success! Keywords: family camping,camping,kids camping,outdoor,camp cooking,things to do,camping list
Camp Trip 182. Camp Trip Your Guide to Camping and the Outdoors. Camping Tips and Guides by CampTrip will help make your next camping trip or outdoor experience a success. Keywords: camping tips, camping guides, camping advice
Canvas of Light 184. Canvas of Light The Travel and Culture Photography website of Daniel Nahabedian, a professional photographer and photography instructor based in Granada, Spain. Keywords: canvas, light, travel, photography, photos, tutorials, tips, Europe, Asia, thailand, Granada, Spain, photographer, daniel, nahabedian, chiang mai, granada, spain, culture, images, monks, fine arts, stock, instructor, workshop, lightroom, editing, processing, teaching, learning
Casual Traveler 191. Casual Traveler With Valentine's Day approaching I thought I'd ask my fellow travel bloggers for their nominations for the most romantic place they've seen during their trips around the world. I've received so many replies, I've decided to split the submissions into groups. Below are the nominations for the most romantic places in the USA, starting with mine. If you haven't been there yet, I hope you'll get to see all of them some day. (Posts on romantic places in other locations coming up soon.) Boston Harbor Islands Boston from the public ferry running between Boston Long Wharf North and the Boston Harbor Islands Boston, Massachusetts, with its Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston Public Garden, Boston Common, the Emerald Necklace, and the Charles River is full of beautiful romantic spots, but the one I like the most is the Georges Island, one of Boston Harbor Islands, which offers great views of Boston right across the harbor. The featured photo at the beginning of the post is a view from the island. Keywords: travel, family travel, traveling with kids, North America, USA, U.S., Canada, Europe, museums
C'est Christine 194. C'est Christine A blog about solo female travel, stylish packing and creating an intentional lifestyle in New York City. Keywords: living in new york city, how to move to new york city, new york city date ideas, 20s lifestyle tips, healthy 20s lifestyle, travel fashion, packing tips, inspirational millennials, moving to nyc tips, new york city itinerary, yoga teacher training brooklyn, becoming a yoga teacher in nyc
Chasing Adventure 197. Chasing Adventure Jill Patterson, a professional travel agent based in Halifax, NS. Specializing in Active and Adventurous travels, including marine voyages. Keywords: Jill Patterson, adventure, active, vacation, tourism, tours, travel agent, agency, halifax, nova scotia, canada, travel, blog, motorcycle, world, travel tips, motorcycle camping, germany, france, spain, italy, cinque terre, amalfi coast, rome, thailand, mae hong son loop, rtw,travel, debt free, adventure, motorcycle shipping, travel blog, quit working, quit job, travel the world, retire early, money, debt, debt-free, tips
Cheap RV Living 202. Cheap RV Living Welcome  to the Best Times of Your Life   “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from…Read more ›
Check Out Sam 203. Check Out Sam In 828 some Venetian merchants stole the remnants of Marcus the evangelist from Alexandria. The doge decided to set up a church in his name, right next to his palace. Four years later, the church appeared on St. Mark’s Square, but in 976 she was destroyed by fires in an uprising. Two years later, it was rebuilt but nothing about …
Chicky Bus 207. Chicky Bus Travel off the beaten path and into the moment...and find yourself along the way. Discover who you are and what makes you happy via this unique approach to travel. Keywords: travel blog, travel tips, travel stories, solo travel, solo female travel, backpacking, photography, photos, Latin America, Middle East, ESL, EFL, off the beaten path, night bus, chicken bus, spirituality, humor, zen, chickybus, Chicky Bus
Classe Touriste 213. Classe Touriste Debbie Pappyn is an international travel writer bringing opinionated and personal insider tips for the sophisticated frequent traveller. Keywords: best travel blog 2014, travel blog, travel journalist, trip guide, luxury travel, safari, secret places, inside luxury travel, boutique hotels, hotel reviews, business class, first class, plan my trip, my trip, my itchy travel feet
Coco Gone Global 215. Coco Gone Global Coco Gone Global is a travel blog featuring global insights, travel tips, destination profiles, travel stories, and hotel reviews, set to inspire a new generation of women of color to pack lighter, travel further and more often.
Collazo Projects 216. Collazo Projects The website of Francisco Collazo and Julie Schwietert Collazo. Keywords: Latin America, South America, Central America, Caribbean, travel, writing, photography, politics, culture, food, art, bilingual, Spanish
Consulting Rehab 219. Consulting Rehab Former management consultants and MBAs Ryan Fuller and Jen Ransom Fuller quit their jobs and travel to Argentina (and now Chile!) to learn Spanish, drink good wine and generally enjoy life. Read about their adventures. Keywords: Ryan Fuller, Jen Ransom, Consulting Rehab, Argentina, Adventure, Buenos Aires, Kellogg, Harvard Business School, travel blog, career break, lifestyle design, chile, santiago
Cookie Sound 223. Cookie Sound The both of us have travelled to over 96 countries. Once in a while we need a break, so sit back and read about our adventures, experiences and impressions from around the world – starting in the late 70s.… Keywords: nisa maier, ulli maier, ulrike maier, travel, photography, documentary, travelphotography, surfphotography, photographer, travel report, travel diary, journay, wildlife, traveltalk
Culture Tripper 239. Culture Tripper Lesley Peterson is a Toronto-based writer specializing in travel, art, culture. She has a degree in Art History from the University of Manitoba and is a member of NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association). Catch her on Twitter as @culturetripper!
Cycling Gypsies 243. Cycling Gypsies In July 2008 we quit our jobs, sold whatever couldn't fit on the back of our bikes and pedaled into the sunset with our two doggy co-pilots.  On this blog you'll find photos and stories from our travels, information on cycling with dogs, miscellaneous bicycle propaganda, and the latest on our children's picture book series…
Daily Travel Photos 245. Daily Travel Photos Travel photography and travel stock photography from around the world. Updated daily. Keywords: travel pictures, travel photography, travel stock photography, portraiture, landscape, international pictures, around the world, travel images, backpacking photos, daily photoblog
 Dispatches by Siddharth (The Happiness Journal) 266. Dispatches by Siddharth (The Happiness Journal) Based in New Delhi(India) Siddharth Jain is a photojournalist specializing in documentary photography,reportage , travel and cultural photo essays. Keywords: Siddharth Jain,photojournalism,Indian photographer, professional indian photojournalist, Rajasthan, India, photos of India, international awards, colour photography,street photography, photojournalist in india, photography workshops in India,Angkor photo festival, people, Delhi, NGO assignments, Gary Knight,candid photography,wedding photography,commercial photography,Bangalore,Happy Camera Club, images, photographs
Dotted Route 271. Dotted Route Learn what you need to bring on your big journey, to find the best routes to take on your adventure, and to share stories about your time on the backpacker trail! Read, write, talk about travel. Keywords: travel, food, blog
Dotting the Map 272. Dotting the Map A Travel Blog offering insights on luxury and budget destinations, travel tips, travel news, and personal experiences from travel. Keywords: Travel Blog,Travel,Flights,Airports,Hotels,Beach,Destinations,Cruise,Resort,SkyMall
Drink just Drink 278. Drink just Drink My Last Couple of Posts I started this blog back in the middle of 2010 when I had a terrible bar tending job, partly to vent, and partly to plan a trip around the world. At the time, I said that if anything ever comes off, then maybe I’ll actually …
D Travels Round 279. D Travels Round d travels 'round is an award-winning travel blog by writer Diana Edelman. Stories take readers on a colorful journey through her solo adventures around the world. Plus information on responsible travel, life as an expat, travel tips, reviews and more.
Eat Your World 289. Eat Your World The best regional foods and drinks around the world, local food by country, restaurant tips, and international travel guides from Eat Your World Keywords: Best local food, regional food, traditional food, typical food, dishes, farm-to-table, blog, craft beer, destinations, food photos, tips, food guide, drinks, restaurants, photography, cities, international, foodie, hotels, accommodation, hiking, videos, Eat Your World
Ellen Barone Photography 292. Ellen Barone Photography Writer | Photographer | Digital Nomad | Ellen Barone has been creating custom words and images for travel and tourism since 1998. She's currently living "home-loose" in Latin America at work on her first book, "I Could Live Here," a travel memoir of home and belonging.
307. Exile Lifestyle Exile Lifestyle is the blog of author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler, Colin Wright. Keywords: author, entrepreneur, full-time traveler, world travel, publishing, ebooks, writing, philosophy, long-term travel, lifestyle design, lifestyle designer, exile, young blogger, young travel, breakup party, lifestyle experimentation, long term travel, young entrepreneur, young designer, philosophy on life, young philosophy, 20-something blog, free ebook
Expat Experiment 310. Expat Experiment We're Rob, Tracey and Makai, a Canadian family who sold everything to travel the world. We truly believe that travel is the only you buy that makes you richer. Keywords: travel, family travel, house sitting, photography, minimalist, vagabond, travel advice, location independent
Expedition 360 311. Expedition 360 expedition 360; around the world; human power; expedition; circumnavigation; exploration; explorer; x-plorer!; adventure; discovery; first around the world; man power; education; experiential learning; kids; outdoor adventure; curriculum Keywords: circumnavigate; travel; adventure; discovery; exploration; education; learning; first around the world; boating; explorers; circumnavigator; guiness book of records;
Explore Du Jour 315. Explore Du Jour Follow the adventures of Laura, a twenty four year old Social Media Exec from London, as she explores the world and its beauty - piece by piece. Keywords: travel,blogger,travel blogger,travelblogger,travelling on your own
Explore for a Year 316. Explore for a Year A blog on clarity, happiness and pursuing your dreams. Practical and motivational articles on discovering your passions and inspiring stories. Keywords: Explore for a year,Lily Leung,personal development,happiness,clarity,passion,cubicle,quit job,explore interests,year off
Eye and Pen 319. Eye and Pen Eye & Pen is a travel blog by Brandon Elijah Scott - featuring essays, travel advice, articles and photography. We focus on travel writing, stories and destination reviews. Keywords: eye and pen, brandon elijah scott, travel, blog, travel photography, photographer, guides, tips, guidebooks, destinations, travel gear, flights, writing
Family on Bikes 321. Family on Bikes Inspiring and empowering people to grab life by the horns and make it their own, one adventure at a time. Motivational speaking and personal dreams coaching. Keywords: motivational speaking, personal coaching, inspiration, Adventure Travel, Family Travel, Family, Bike, Bikes, Bicycle Touring, Bicycle, Cycle, Touring, Vogel, Journal, Blog, Children, Tips, Travel, Blog
Featherly Travels 327. Featherly Travels A super budget travel blog focusing on art, festivals, and ethically conscious travel to beautiful places across five continents. Read about hitchhiking adventures, wild camping, little known islands and the alternative side to cities. South America, the Hebrides, Devon, South East Asia, Australia for tramps...
Flying the Nest 343. Flying the Nest Flying The Nest is an award winning couple travel, wanderlust blog & lifestyle blog by two young Australians Stephen & Jess travel tips, fashion, adventure, photography and daily vlogs on YouTube across the world.
Follow Me East 344. Follow Me East This is the epicentre of the Follow Me East travel blog. Whether you're looking for a little travel inspiration or a tale of international proportions, we've got you covered. Keywords: Follow, Me, East, Travel, Blog, South, Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Backpacking
Four Jandals 353. Four Jandals Adventure travel blog for couples travel featuring inspiring surf, snow and biking adventures to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, in comfort. Keywords: adventure travel, adventure travel blog, adventure couples, travelling couple, couples travel, adventure couple, travel blog, new zealand travel blog, jandals, flip flops, around the world travel,
Further Bound 365. Further Bound A writer, designer and truth seeker living and working her way around the world on an indefinite journey. Keywords: travel blog, lifestyle blog, digital nomad, travel, work abroad, lifestyle design, living abroad, round the world travel, rtw
Galvante 368. Galvante Galavante is the Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment Magazine for the Working Jet Set. We provide targeted recommendations on where to stay, eat, and what to do in destinations all over the world. At Galavante, our recommendations are curated by real Working Jet Setters like you, so you can rely on our travel advice. When you're not traveling, come to Galavante for recipes inspired by travel, fashion, and the latest in celebrity travel and interviews.
Get Lost on Purpose 371. Get Lost on Purpose Young couple traveling the world and living on a sailboat.Cruising, sailing, and living the lifestyle of a Jimmy Buffett song.Our sailing blog.Get Lost On Purpose! Keywords: cruising, sailing, sailboat, boat, puddle jump, south pacific, tahiti, new zealand, cook islands, pearson 365, yachts, pacific crossing, panama canal
Girl Unstoppable 376. Girl Unstoppable Stories about travel, adventure, and embracing the unknown. Keywords: travel, wanderlust, introspective travel, travel writing, photography, female travel, travel music, travel tips, backpacking, flashpacking, solo travel
Globetrotter Girls 393. Globetrotter Girls Globetrotter Girls travel adventures, travel tips, travel guides and travel photography from all our global travel adventures. Travelling this year? Check out Keywords: travel tips, travel guides, travel photography, gay and lesbian travel, lgbt travel, insider tips central america, insider tips USA, insider tips canada, insider tips europe, shoestring travel
Go Big or Go Home 399. Go Big or Go Home Go BIG or Go Home - What Happens When A Small-Town Family Visits The \"World\'s Largest\"... Whatever! Keywords: go big or go home,,, blog, world\'s largest, large, big, biggest, tallest, fastest, steepest, widest, travel, traveling, travels, vacation, vacations, family, families, family-friendly, kid, kids, kid-friendly, child, children, child-friendly, children-friendly, unique, roadside, road-side, attractions, tour, tours, tourism, operators, country, countryside, country-side, small-town, small town, Traci Suppa, Traci LaRosa Suppa, Traci L. Suppa, wordscapes,
Going Slowly 403. Going Slowly We are Tara Alan & Tyler Kellen. We started this website in February of 2008 to document our bicycle tour around the world. The epic journey that followed--an expedition spanning two years and twenty five countries, from Scotland to Southeast Asia, changed the trajectory of our lives forever. Going Slowly is now the scrapbook of our adventures together, an outlet to record and remember our life in vivid detail.
Gone With the Wynns 406. Gone With the Wynns Gone With the Wynns is an unscripted tale of the quirky couple who traded in everyday life to satisfy their wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure. Keywords: RV, RV Travel, RV Tips, Adventure Travel, Full time Travel, USA, Road Trip, Adventure, Sailing
Go Travel Your Way 409. Go Travel Your Way The Adventure and Aviation Blog. Follow my trips to the misunderstood countries such as Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq and share my second biggest passion with me, Aviation. I review airlines on a weekly basis and I have been a guest on the brand new Airbus A350 or the Dreamliner.
Gourmantic 412. Gourmantic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This article is posted on - All rights reserved - Copyright © 2017.
Grand Cycle Tour 414. Grand Cycle Tour The journey of two Australians as they cycle around the world. Site includes photos, video, travel blog and details of how the trip was planned.. Keywords: cycle, bike, touring, world, travel, globe, discover, bicycle, ride,
Greg Goes Global 420. Greg Goes Global WHO ARE WE? Avada Destinations is an exclusive travel platform, offering luxurious holidays at unbeatable prices. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam eu feugiat mi. Cras commodo fringilla lorem, eu maximus augue vestibulum a. Vivamus aliquet magna magna, a convallis tortor auctor finibus. Nullam fermentum, nulla non
Gren Traveler Guides 421. Gren Traveler Guides _________________________ Top reads: too good, too green to miss _________________________ Community Dispatches from fellow green travelers  MORE COMMUNITY... Keywords: green travel,eco friendly travel,sustainable travel,eco travel,ethical travel,green holidays,travel green,green travel news,green hotel,green hotels,green restaurant,green restaurants,dine green,green dining,organic dining,organic restaurants,organic restaurant, all
Groove Traveler 422. Groove Traveler Groovetraveler aims to find the best alternative travel ideas with music as our guiding light. We look at countries and cities through artists and venues, suss out significant musical locations and alternative music festivals, follow the trail of musical pilgrimages and interview musicians about their travel experiences and inspirations.
Guide 2 Travel 423. Guide 2 Travel Linda Aksomitis & David Aksomitis, travel bloggers, share their adventure with a twist of history travel blog - adventures, historical places & more. Keywords: travel blog, boomer travel, adventure travel, historical places, travel, machinery of the past, museums, Canada, Canadian, U.S. travel, global travel, road trips, cultural travel, off-the-beaten-path, National historic places, UNESCO
Hand Bagage Travel Blog 426. Hand Bagage Travel Blog Travelblog by Belgian radiohost Sam De Bruyn. He travels every weekend with a different friend to a location where they stay for 48hrs. Keywords: handbagage,handluggage,reisblog,reizen,travel,blog,citytrips,wanderlust,Sam,Bruyn,photography,48hrs,
Happy Coconuts Travel Blog 429. Happy Coconuts Travel Blog A wandering gypsy traveler, finally lost in the right direction. It would be a tragedy to die, having never really lived. Which is why my husband Andy and I quit our jobs, sold our house and decided to chase our dreams. We moved to Costa Rica without a pl Keywords: costa rica, beaches, Caribbean beaches, travel to costa rica, vacation costa rica, adventure costa rica, explore costa rica, trip to costa rica, two weeks in costa rica, one week in costa rica, pura vida, travel blog, travel blogger, Caribbean, happiness,
Happy Holidays Guides 430. Happy Holidays Guides Happy Holidays Travel Guides offer travel tips and insights for people who don't vacation "by the book." If you are interested in things to do that push your comfort zone a little but give you a real taste of your vacation destination, Happy Holidays Guides are for you.
Healthy Travel BLog 434. Healthy Travel BLog Healthy Travel Blog offers travel and health information. This blog allows you to find health travel news and trends for your international travels. It gives Keywords: travel blog, travel health information, international health insurance, student insurance, healthy travel, health and travel, international travelers, travel medicine, travel health insurance, travel medical insurance, medical tourism, HTH Worldwide, travel health tips
Hecktic Travels 438. Hecktic Travels We are Dalene and Peter Heck. We sold all of our possessions in 2009 to travel the world and enrich our lives with experiences rather than things. Keywords: travel, photography, house sitting, backpacking, minimalist, vagabond, travel advice,
Hey Nadine 442. Hey Nadine I'm Nadine and I'm one of the top female travel vloggers. I make videos about travel tips and advice to help you plan and save on your travels! Keywords: travel, female, vlog, vlogger, advice, tips,
Home is Where Your Bag is 457. Home is Where Your Bag is Dein Südostasien-Reiseblog. Erstklassige Reiseberichte, Geheimtipps & Guides über Thailand, Indonesien, Philippinen, Malaysia, Vietnam u.v.m. Keywords: länder & orte,malaysia,südostasien,tioman,koh phangan,koh samui,koh tao,thailand,bangkok,planung,weltreise,planung & tipps,technik & equipment,hanoi,hoi an,saigon,sa pa,vietnam,essen,geld,kreditkarte,finanzen,gesundheit,indonesien,kambodscha,laos,myanmar,philippinen,singapur,versicherungen,kuala lumpur,perhentian islands,redang,koh lipe,trang,reisevideos
Honeymooners 458. Honeymooners Honeymooners is a couple travel blog, featuring wonderful stories, unique photography, and a lot of love and adventures from around the world. Keywords: Visit Portugal, Portugal Tours, Travel Blog, Couple Travel Blog, Trips for Couples
Iced Chai 464. Iced Chai A travel blog of 2 backpackers who left their jobs to travel Middle East and South-East Asia, sharing their experiences, travel tips and stories. Keywords: travel blog, backpacking, IcedChai, photography, photos, travel tips, RTW, round the world, budget, Middle East, South East Asia, Iran
I Dreamed of This 465. I Dreamed of This Photo Blogger / Writer Nathan Allen Documents the Planet's Most Fascinating Destinations, Cultures, and Foods. Travel as a Lifestyle - No Return Ticket. Keywords: Travel blog, photo blog, travel, one way ticket, no return ticket, photography, paradise, backpacking, vacation, budget, tips, india, philippines, thailand, laos, cambodia, vietnam, wonders of the world
I live to Travel 467. I live to Travel Lourdes, France is a one-of-a-kind kind of place.  For me, that is for two good reasons: It is the site where the Virgin Mary appeared to young Bernadette, a country girl with no education but a lot of faith. My mother and sister are both named after that site, where the "Virgin of Lourdes" appeared to Bernadette. The lower and upper basilicas from the Information Center I suspect both my mom and sister have always wondered if they would ever go to that town in the foothills of the French Pyrenees.  Wouldn't you want to go to the town where your name came from or is related to?  In their case, maybe more than just for the curiosity of being namesakes with the town but also on account of what happened there in the mid 19th century. The apparition happened multiple times and the local clergy had initially been skeptical but, over time, became convinced of the validity of what Bernadette shared.  I will leave to other sources to explain the whole story but the Virgin Mary appeared to Keywords: travel, adventure, experience, photos, hiking, food, wine, hotels, culture, cocktails,
Indiana Jo 473. Indiana Jo Free travel advice from a travel expert (+50 countries visited) including accommodation and flight booking, trip planning, money saving tips, independent and adventure travel, and more.