Interesting travel sites

I will put here the most interesting and helpful websites about travelling or about finding cheap travel opportunities. I hope you will save a bit of money because of this article.

Finding airline tickets

Airline tickets
Finding flights

Flight tickets usually are expensive, so it's good to know that you found the best and the cheapest option for yourself. I will list here websites I use to find myself cheap airline tickets. Just remember, if you will find the best connection, check price also directly on the airline website. Sometimes it can be a little bit cheaper.

  1. Google's Matrix. This is the first page where I'm looking for cheap flights. It combines flights with many stops, can also show you best prices from plus/minus two days. It's all makes Google Matrix one of the best flight search engines.
    You can find it here: Google's Matrix.
  2. Momondo. Very good flights search engine, which usually gives me the best results. Their calendar view lets you see which days are cheapest to fly. Another thing is that they are also searching small booking sites.
    You can find it here: Momondo.
  3. Skyscanner. The third best search engine I personally use. It searches a lot of different airlines, including many of the budget carriers that larger sites miss.
    You can find it here: Skyscanner.

Free accommodation

Free accommodation
Where to find a free accommodation

There are few ways to stay for free when you travel. You just have to make sure you talk to the verified user with photo and filled profile. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere.

  1. Couchsurfing. This is the perfect place to start looking if you want to stay for free in someone's house. The goal of the site is to help travellers not only save money on accommodation but also to get to know locals. You can find it here: Couchsurfing.
  2. Other free accommodation websites. If you cannot find any places to stay on Couchsurfing, there are a few more sites you can go and search: Global free loaders and Hospitality club.
  3. Home Exchange. If you have your own house, you can try to swap it with another family for a given period of time. You can find home exchange websites here: Guest to GuestStay4Free or Home Exchange.

Cheap places to stay

Cheap accommodation
Where to find cheap accommodation?
  1. Airbnb. If you want to find yourself a cheap accommodation in private house, this website is for you. You can find here whole houses or just a single room in someone's apartment. Usually, this is a place I'm starting to look for a non-free place to stay. You can find it here: Airbnb.
  2. Wimdu and Roomorama. Other great websites like Airbnb. If you cannot find what are you looking for, try here: Wimdu, Roomorama.
  3. Stay on a farm. This is an interesting type of accommodation. If you want, you can stay on a working farm, with a possibility to learn how a farm works and even to get involved in that work. You can find this kind of attraction in Australia, USA and Great Britain. Here are the links: Farmstay (UK), Farmstay (US), Farmstay (Australia).
  4. Stay in a monastery. Another interesting way to spend summer. If you are looking for monasteries in Italy, take look on that page: Monasteries stay. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any global worldwide (found one, with an awesome name: Good night & God bless) website with all monasteries around the world.


  1. Blablacar. If you are looking for a website that lets you share rides with local drivers by pitching in for gas, Blablacar is perfect for you. You simply request a seat, they approve, and off you go!
  2. Rome2Rio. This website is very helpful because it shows you how to get from one place to another in the cheapest way: that includes buses, trains, planes or boats. You can find it here: Rome2Rio.
  3. Seat 61. This website is an ultimate guide how to travel by trains anywhere in the world. Huge database with routes, times, prices, and train conditions. You can find it here: Seat61.

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