5 romantic places to propose when in Nantucket

5 romantic places to propose when in Nantucket

Are you ready to pop the question and have decided to do it in Nantucket? Well, you have made a perfect choice, because this quaint island and town is one of the most romantic places in the country.

5 romantic places to propose when in Nantucket

The small New England island is 30 miles south of Cape Cod. It has some of the most pristine beaches, Insta-worthy ocean view sunsets, the most extensive number of preserved historic buildings, three lighthouses, iconic houses with weathered gray shakes, and untouched natural resources.

So, it is easy to find the most suitable setting for your romantic proposal.

Here are some ideas for the ultimate spots in Nantucket to ask your partner to marry you.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

This is one of the three historic lighthouses on the island, located at Nantucket’s easternmost point. It is also the most charming and recognizable of the three, with its red and white striped brick tower and picturesque setting.

The grounds around this historic lighthouse are open to visitors and are great for taking Instagram-worthy photos. 

You can set the romantic mood for the proposal by inviting your partner to walk the famous Sconset Bluff Walk, which leads to Siasconset Beach and to the lighthouse. 

This 1- mile long shell-covered walking path is widely considered one of the most beautiful walking paths in the country. It passes through the postcard-like village of Siasconset, famous for its rose-covered gray cedar shake cottages surrounded by charming gardens.

You can impress your partner with some amazing facts about this lighthouse, including the fact that it has been navigating mariners and saving lives since 1850 and was the first lighthouse in the USA to use a Fresnel lens.

Also, in 2007, the entire lighthouse was moved 400 feet inward from the eroding buff in a grandiose project organized by the Siasconset Trust.

Once you manage to amaze your partner with these facts, you can fall on one knee and proceed with your proposal and take some gorgeous photos of this magical moment.

Are you ready to pop the question and have decided to do it in Nantucket? Well, you have made a perfect choice, because this quaint island and town is one of the most romantic places in the country.

Steps Beach

Steps Beach may not be as famous as Cisco, Jetties, and Nobadeer beaches in Nantucket. But this hidden gem has been determined as one of the top Instagrammable spots on the island.

The beach is gorgeous, but what makes it so unique and perfect for romantic photos and proposals is the view from the top of the steep steps which lead to it.

You can enjoy a stunning view of the Harbor, Nantucket Sound with its yachts and boats, and Great Point Light, along with the lush green flora and the grand waterfront mansions.

Steps Beach is close to town and is in between Dionis and Jetties beaches. So, after the proposal, you two can head back to town to celebrate the special occasion at one of the many excellent restaurants on the island.

Remember to make dinner reservations for your chosen restaurant well ahead of time, especially if you plan your proposal for the peak of the summer season.

Or you can pack a picnic with some champagne and head down to the beach to enjoy a romantic moment with your partner.

Cisco Beach at sunset

Apart from being one of the favorite spots for surfers and adventurers, Cisco Beach is among the top places to view the stunning sunset in Nantucket.

The wide and long beach on the island’s south coast is home to one of the two surf schools there.  It is a pretty popular beach, so make sure to head there in time to get a good spot for watching the sunset and for proposing. You can pack a blanket and some delicious snacks and drinks for this memorable moment.

Or you can head off to Cisco Brewers to celebrate the special occasion by drinking local craft beer, wine, or cocktails and listening to live music in the beer garden.

If you want a more private spot to watch the sunset and pop the question, then you may opt for Madaket Beach. It is on the west coast and is quite remote, making it a quieter spot for romantic dates and proposals.

Madaket Beach is also one of the best places to view the sunset without any buildings or crowds spoiling it. Once again, you can bring champagne, fresh oysters, or other snacks, or you can head to Millie’s for a romantic dinner.

Lighthouse in Nantucker

On a sailing excursion around the island

Sailing in the Nantucket harbor or around the island is one of the best ways to explore and admire the beauty of Nantucket.

It is also a superb setting for a romantic and unforgettable wedding proposal.

There are organized sunset tours, cocktail tours, and even oyster tours, but if you want more privacy, you can also book a private sailing tour for you and your partner.

You can bring some snacks, champagne or other drinks of your choice, and even get a chance to take part in the navigation of the sailing boat.

The best time for a romantic sailing tour is right before and during sunset.

The viewing deck on the roof of the Whaling Museum

Nantucket’s history, culture, lifestyle, and vibes have all been heavily influenced by those glorious whaling years when it was considered the whaling capital of the world. 

This fact can be seen just about anywhere in Nantucket, including the grand Captain’s mansions, the hand-carved wooden whales and signs, and all nautical elements in the design of the homes and buildings.

The best way to learn everything about those times is to visit the Whaling Museum.

You and your partner can take a tour through the museum and see the first original Fresnel lens, a real sperm whale skeleton that is almost 50 feet long and find out more about the ships, crews, and captains who inspired the writing of the classic American novel Moby-Dick.

At the end of the tour, take your loved one to the museum’s roof. It has a great viewing deck, offering a birdseye view of the Nantucket Sound, the historic Downtown, the Harbor, and the rest of the island.

There you can proceed with your proposal, and if all goes well, head off to one of the superb restaurants in Town to celebrate the special occasion.

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