Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2022

Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2022

Thinking about where to go to rest in the summer, can pretty much shake the nervous system because there are actually a lot of directions. Consider the most popular destinations for the summer holidays. In terms of weed, partial decriminalization of the trafficking and use of marijuana (for medical or recreational purposes in limited quantities under certain conditions and in certain areas) is in 12 countries: Austria, Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and North Korea. You can choose what weed-friendly country to travel to with the support of our article.

Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2022

Here is a list of weed-friendly countries for travel in 2022.


Surprisingly, the first nation in the world to legalize marijuana was Uruguay. In June 2012, the government of the tiny Latin American country approved a plan to legalize marijuana. As a result, almost everyone can use their weed pen in public, making this country an ideal destination for travelers. Additionally, Uruguayans can cultivate up to six cannabis bushes in their homes, but they are only allowed to harvest a certain amount of weed yearly. However, cannabis cultivation without a license is prohibited.

The pros of the trip are also comfortable places to rest and vast areas to travel through with a tent. In addition, most of the attractions tourists visit for free. So, during your unforgettable trip to Uruguay, don't forget to take your weed vape pen!


In the US, Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize marijuana. Two years later, elections were also conducted in Oregon, Alaska, and the federal District of Columbia which led to further alleviation. Still, there are varied restrictions depending on what state you stop in. For example, in Oregon, you are only permitted to grow four cannabis bushes, whereas, in Washington, pots can only be traded or smoked, not sold.


Canada is the first country from the G7 that fully legalized marijuana. As a result, the local authorities were ordered to set the rules and conditions for the sale of marijuana to the public. So, in Canada, one adult citizen was allowed to possess up to 30 grams of the dried drug substance.

The advantages of the country also include sound ecology, exciting cities, beautiful forests, waterfalls, an abundance of mushrooms and berries, and excellent fishing, which you can enjoy while using your dry herb vape pen. Canada also has an exceptional landscape for skiing.


Spanish people can also have some peace of mind about their cannabis addiction. In this country, you must try hard to go to jail for cannabis-related offenses. Although Spain's cannabis laws are clear on the amount you can receive criminal charges, the number of bushes to grow for personal use is 2, which can bring a little more than 40 grams. In addition, it is illegal to use cannabis in public places but at home or in designated clubs, no problem.

On the pluses of the country can also be added great hotels, entertainment venues and many excursions. From the minuses note a large number of tourists, overcrowded in the high season beaches and high prices.


This small country is a true miracle of democracy. Portugal has for 18 years now decriminalized possession not only of cannabis but of all drugs in general (for personal use and in limited quantities, of course). Citizens may possess up to 25 grams of marijuana. It is noteworthy that such measures, which may seem quite drastic (because you can carry even a gram of heroin), have had a very beneficial effect. The Portuguese have replaced hard drugs with cannabis, so the rate of HIV spreading has dramatically decreased, the number of people addicted to heroin has halved (according to official statistics), and the number of deaths from overdoses has also decreased. Everyone appreciated the value of using a dry herb vaporizer pen.

The pluses of this country are also beautiful gentle beaches, great hotels, and a lot of entertainment for children and adults. There you can relax on an all-inclusive system and at affordable prices. The main disadvantages of the seaside are the eternal crowd and not too clean sea. Tourists who like secluded vacations, choose the suburbs.

Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2022


In this small but proud country, marijuana is classified as a light drug. Citizens can carry up to three grams and grow one bush for personal use. Use in public places is prohibited.

On the plus side, it is important to mention the convenient layout of the country, impressive architectural monuments, pleasant places for walks, delicious national cuisine and the opportunity to have a great time in all weathers. Minuses, which are written in the reviews of tourists are the abundance of kitsch, and newfangled.


People around the world dream of this island, but alas, marijuana has long been illegal here, though it is an integral part of the culture of the locals. Only in 2015, the government allows possession of up to 56 grams of marijuana and personal cultivation of no more than five bushes.

Also, if you dream of beaches with white sand, you should definitely consider a trip to Jamaica. It is not ashamed to spend your entire vacation lying on the beach in the shade of palm trees and not leaving the hotel, which is why most tourists come here.

Partial cannabis use is legal in 35 countries: the United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Belize, Ecuador, Jamaica, Colombia, Argentina, Georgia, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta, Luxemburg, Cambodia, Australia, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, India, Nepal, Rwanda, Norway, Ghana, and Slovenia.

Nineteen countries allow the use of cannabis exclusively for medical purposes: Panama, Peru, Israel, Turkey, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Zambia, New Zealand, Macedonia, Poland, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Lesotho, Thailand, Morocco, Lebanon, and Russia.

Now that you know where marijuana will be legal in 2022, it is time to start organizing your next vacation. Choose a location or combine a few for a memorable cannabis adventure.

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