Healthy Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Breasts: Top Tips

Healthy Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Breasts: Top Tips

It's no secret that breasts are a vital part of a woman's body. Aside from their aesthetic value, they are essential for newborns' milk. Breast cancer is also the most common cancer among women, so taking care of your breasts is crucial to reduce your risk of developing the disease. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Healthy Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Breasts: Top Tips

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing breast cancer. This is because fatty tissue produces more estrogen, which can promote the growth of cancerous cells. Maintaining healthy body weight is, therefore, crucial for breast health.

Therefore, check your BMI regularly and aim to keep it within the healthy range. You can do this by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Sometimes, this healthy lifestyle helps even more than weight loss itself.

Don't Ignore Breast Skin Changes

It does not just lump you should be worried about. Any changes in the appearance of your breast skin can be a sign of cancer, so it's essential to keep an eye out for them. Some changes to look out for include redness, dimpling, or puckering of the skin; a change in the size or shape of the nipple; and discharge from the nipple. If you notice any of these changes, see a doctor right away. 

When buying skin products, it is best to go for a reputable brand; the quality matters. Use a lotion or cream that contains SPF to protect your breasts from the sun. This will help prevent skin damage that would later lead to cancer.

When using the breast enhancement serums, make sure the FDA has tested them and that you follow the instructions carefully. Applying them correctly can help you avoid any skin changes caused by the serums. The team at mirifica science explains that quality supplies produce the right results and help you achieve the look you desire. Do some research on the right products for you. Remember the reviews as they give an image of what to expect.

Do a Monthly Breast Self-Exam

Get to know your breasts so you can quickly spot any changes. Exams should be done once a month, preferably a few days after your period ends. This is because hormone levels during this time can lead to temporary breast changes that may make it difficult to detect cancer.

To do a breast self-exam:

  • Use your right hand to feel your left breast and vice versa.
  • Use different pressure levels and move your hand around in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side pattern.
  • Feel all the tissue from your collarbone to your underarm and from your nipple to your bra line.

See a doctor immediately if you notice any changes, such as a lump, discharge from your nipple, or change in size or shape. Remember to also go for the mammo or breast ultrasound scan to help with early detection.

Wear the Right Bra

Your bra should provide support and comfort without being too tight. Wearing the wrong bra can lead to breast pain, so it's crucial to find one that fits properly.

When trying on bras, ensure they fit snugly around your rib cage and don't have any gaping in the cups. The straps should stay in place without digging into your skin. You should also be able to insert two fingers under the band comfortably.

This is the same when it comes to wearing sports bras. A good bra should minimize breast movement, whether running or doing yoga. It should also be comfortable enough to wear all day.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol increases your risk of developing breast cancer. This is because it leads to a higher estrogen level in the body, which can promote the growth of cancerous cells.

Therefore, limiting your alcohol intake to no more than one drink per day is best to reduce your risk. If you don't drink alcohol, there's no need to start. Generally, the less alcohol you drink, the lower your risk.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and many other types of cancer. Cigarette chemicals damage DNA and cause inflammation, leading to cancer.

If you smoke, quitting is the most amazing thing you can do for your health. Many resources are available to help you quit, so there's no need to go through it alone. As you transition to sobriety, consider vaping as an alternative. This gives you control over the amount of nicotine you take in, which is far less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and it's essential to do everything you can to protect yourself from it. Following these tips for taking proper care of your breasts can help reduce your risk of developing this disease.

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