Looking for a traveler's backpack? Tortuga is for you!

Looking for a traveler's backpack? Here's something for you!

I don't know about you, but looking for a travel backpack always irritated me a bit. When I found one I like, it turned out to be uncomfortable. Or too small. When I found a comfortable one, before departure and after the measurements made, it turned out to be too large for hand luggage. Or there is no laptop compartment without which I can't go anywhere. Or when I happily got through the security gates at the airport, flew a large part of the world by plane and went on my dream trip, it started to rain. And guess what happened? Everything got wet :)

Tortuga Backpack

That's why in this article I decided to charm a bit, because I found the real Aladdin's lamp. And you know what I asked the genie for? Perfect backpack! And despite the fact that even the genie failed to my (exorbitant) requirements, he gave me something close to the ideal. Or at least, it seems to me after 2 weeks of using a backpack from the reputable company Tortuga Backpacks from the United States.

Note: Although I will sweeten a little here, this post is not sponsored, no one paid me for it, and I received the backpack only for testing.

The proper size, which means the end of fear at the airport

Let's start with what makes many people heart palpitations at the airport just before departure: "Is my hand luggage too big? Will I have to pay some extra money? In a moment, in front of all those people waiting behind me, will I have to open all my suitcases and repack my stuff from one bag to another, to squeeze a little hand luggage so that it can fit in?"

With the backpack I got from Tortuga Backpacks, you won't have this problem. It is available in two variants:

  • 35L: International Carry On - perfect for travelers planning trips around the world. The size is suitable as hand luggage on all airline lines.
  • 45L: US Carry On - dedicated strictly to travelers traveling around the United States, where the size of hand luggage is larger than in Europe.

To write this review, I got the first, more universal 35L: International Carry On, and I will focus on describing this model. Anyway, due to the well thought-out system of numerous pockets and compartments, it is perfect for my needs. Well, what are we able to pack into it? About this in a moment, and for the impatient the movie to watch:

Nice, right?

What am I going to pack here? Lots of pockets and compartments

Have you ever reached your destination, make yourself at home in a hotel, open your luggage and discover, inside, that there is a real armageddon? Scattered things that you so carefully arranged, scattered cosmetics, electronic equipment in random places? Well, it happened to me. Just check how easly you can pack having so many pockets:

In addition to the standard large compartment for clothes (plus four smaller pockets on the sides), there are also two larger zipped compartments with a mesh. In the second partition, we can put a 17-inch laptop and a tablet, and in three more mesh (also with a lock), we can put smaller electronic equipment. In addition, there are two compartments on the sides of the straps fastened on the stomach, another compartment on the back of the backpack, not to mention two side ones, for example for a bottle or a thermos. Quite a lot for one hand luggage, right?

Convenience: nothing rubs, and the back does not sweat

Convenience: nothing rubs, and the back does not sweat

So something that is equally important. For me, as a traveler, the side pockets for a thermos flask or a bottle of water will undoubtedly be very useful, as well as two compartments on the belly strap, because I can always reach them without taking off the backpack. Anyway, thanks to these straps fastened at the front (one on the stomach, the other at the neck), the backpack does not wobble and lies evenly, without causing abrasions. It is also due to the multitude of adjustments to the length of all straps, thanks to which the backpack can be adjusted to everyone, regardless of gender or body build.

If you are going to warm countries, the build of the backpack will be equally important. Tortuga Backpacks features breathable, sweat-wicking foam with a center cut. I have to admit that I already had backpacks that were supposed to pleasantly filter my back during the walk, but none did as well as this one.

Appearance and water resistance

Well, there is no need to write too much about the appearance itself. Elegant black on the outside, and the bright color inside is just right for me, but you know, it's a matter of taste. The water resistance of the backpack deserves a big plus and the fact that after closing the zippers you can hardly see them thanks to the rubber coating.

Ok, let's talk about the downsides.

It's nice that it's for everyone, but... What I don't like

Well, I mentioned earlier about the multitude of settings to fit the backpack to each person. This is great, but with my rather slim build, I had to pull these straps quite tight. The result was the dangling ends of the straps at the front, which I managed quite easily by attaching them to the sides. However, for me, it would be worth making at least two variants of these backpacks, because for me, the straps for setting could be half shorter.

In my eyes, this is not a big disadvantage, but I tried hard to find something, because what kind of review is this without negatives :P Of course, with longer trips to some wilderness, it is worth considering whether a backpack of this size will be sufficient. For me (I'm a guy), packing in this backpack is enough for a week-long journey to civilized places.

Are you looking for the right backpack for the traveler? Here's something for you!


Apart from one small disadvantage described above, the Tortuga Backpacks perfectly meets my expectations when it comes to traveling and will permanently replace my hand luggage (and sometimes complete luggage). Careful workmanship, a multitude of compartments, lightness (the backpack weighs approx. 2 kg), appearance, stability and water resistance is exactly what I would require from a high-class, medium-sized backpack for travelers. Thanks for reading and enjoy your travels!

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