Travelling Without Sacrifice: The Ultimate Guide to VPNs

Travelling Without Sacrifice: The Ultimate Guide to VPNs

The concept of travel has dramatically evolved in the age of digitization. Not only do we explore physical spaces, but we also navigate the digital world, uploading photos, checking into locations, using Google Maps, and even working remotely while we journey.

Travelling Without Sacrifice: The Ultimate Guide to VPNs

While some people yearn to escape modern life on their travels, many end up running into some annoyances at some point. Whether it’s using unsecured public Wi-Fi, having higher prices in a certain country, or being blocked out of watching the World Cup on your favorite channel, a VPN can get you out of trouble.

Why Travel Enthusiasts Should Consider VPNs

When travelling, you often connect to public Wi-Fi networks, which are notoriously insecure. Whether you are logging into your email or transferring money between bank accounts, you become an easy target for cybercriminals. VPNs encrypt your data and reroute your connection through a secure server. Ultimately, this acts as a shield for your digital activity.

Statistics from Javelin Strategy & Research in 2018 highlight that identity fraud affected millions of US victims in a single year. When you are travelling, these risks amplify, making VPNs a necessity for life in cafes and hotels.

For travelers seeking comprehensive yet user-friendly solutions, companies like VPNpro manage to maintain high-speed servers and stringent encryption. Convenience is also important, so when deciding on a VPN, opt for one that doesn’t compromise the quality of your connection. This makes it ideal for travel photographers too, who need to upload high-resolution images, or even bloggers who require a steady connection to update their followers.

The Digital Nomad Trend

As we’re all aware of by now - for better or worse - digital nomadism is a rising lifestyle trend. For such a lifestyle, a reliable VPN is non-negotiable. A secure connection not only shields you from potential cyberattacks but also ensures that you can access work files and financial accounts without regional restrictions. Some companies will no let you work without one.

Choosing the Right VPN for Your Travels

  • Speed: Look for VPNs offering high-speed servers, especially if you intend to engage in activities requiring fast internet, such as video conferencing or streaming.
  • Global Server Locations: Choose a VPN with a wide range of server locations. This enables you to bypass geo-restrictions, useful for accessing content or services limited to certain countries.
  • Ease of Use: User interface and experience are key factors, particularly when you're on the move.
  • Device Compatibility: Opt for a VPN service compatible with all devices you intend to use while travelling.
  • Privacy: Avoid free VPNs or ones that do not have a solid track record in not logging your browsing activity.
Privacy: Avoid free VPNs or ones that do not have a solid track record in not logging your browsing activity.

Caveats and Limitations

A VPN can protect your online data, but it won’t make you entirely invulnerable. Always be cautious when clicking on links and ensure your devices have updated antivirus software. Additionally, some countries have restrictions on VPN usage, so it's advisable to check the regulations of your travel destination beforehand to stay the right side of the law.


As travel and digital lives become increasingly married, taking a VPN on your travels today is a bit like bringing a first aid kit when camping - it’s routine. VPNs themselves aren’t always safe, though, so be sure to avoid ones that lack a good record of privacy.

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