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What to pack for a trip

Are you going for a trip and wonder what you should take with you? Here you can find a list of things, in my opinion, should be taken on a travel. Hope some of my advice will help you in your journey.

If I would take so much electronics with me, I could be dead for now :-)

Over the last few years, my bag's content changed a lot of times. As my experience grows I removed some items from my backpack and add others. I'm a photographer, so of course, it will have a big influence on my list. It will also reflect the fact I've traveled a lot of countries and they all are different, so I will try to make some kind of universal travel equipment list that may vary from region to region. Remember, this is my opinion of what people should take on their trips.

The most important thing is that you should take as little as possible, as you will have to lug it with you all the time. I only take the essentials and if I will need anything, I just buy it. Other thing is to stick in similar climate during all trip to avoid carrying a lot of different clothes. Of course plans or weather can sometimes change, but then you always can buy a jacket or umbrella. Usually, weather does not change dramatically, so you will avoid a lot of pain caused by a weight of your bag.

The more you travel, the more you will realize you don't need a lot of things. Really. All of my stuff always fit into just one backpack. Ok, so let's get to the details.


  • Sweatshirt with a hood and long sleeves - even if you go to a middle-warm place, evenings can be sometimes colder than you think.
  • A pair of jeans or (if not much space) khaki - to everyday wear.
  • Shorts - if it's warm it's always a better idea than much longer jeans.
  • Bathing suit - if you're going to the place with ocean and a nice climate.
  • T-shirts (4 pairs) - I personally do not use more because I can always wash it on longer journeys.
  • Flip flops - even if you go to a cold place, it will be helpful, for example, in the shower.
  • Sneakers - the most comfortable which fits more of travel situations (take an extra pair if you will need to walk a lot).
  • Socks (8 pairs) - same as with t-shirts, if I go for longer, I can always wash it.
  • Boxer shorts (7 pairs) - same as above.
  • Towel - no need of explanation I guess.


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste - to wash your teeth.
  • Deodorant - to stop smelling bad in every situation :-)
  • Small bottle of shampoo and shower gel - to wash.


  • Laptop - to find something, to edit photos etc.
  • Phone - to make calls or, if you want to spend some money, for the internet.
  • Camera - to take photos.
  • Two batteries for the camera - if you won't be able to find electricity, you will need a spare battery.
  • Two SD memory cards - same as above, if you will not be able to put your photos on a laptop, it's a good idea to have a spare memory card.
  • External drive - I don't have much space on my laptop, so I always take an external drive for my photos.
  • Tripod - to make photos in the dark or HDR's.
  • Universal power adapter - especially if the country you visit has different power plugins.
  • GPS - if you don't want to spend money on GPS in your mobile and you travel by car, it's a good idea to take GPS with a country map you visit.
  • MP3 Player - especially, if you travel alone. Good music can make a good mood.

Medical kit

  • Band-Aids and patches - can be very useful.
  • Antibacterial cream
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Earplugs - if you plan to sleep with other peoples, this can ba a lifesaver.

Other things

  • Plastic bags - for many different situations.

That's all, I don't need anything more, even for longer trips. I prefer a smaller backpack because people tend to fill empty spaces and smaller means fewer things I don't need. And one more time: this is my list, you can have a very different opinion about what to take on travels. Also, I don't think there's one perfect list for every situation, but this one is close for me.

Real point is that people tend to overpacking and you just don't need to take a lot of things. 

Wojciech Kuźma

Hey there! My name is Wojtek and I am very happy that you came to my travel blog. I've been traveling the world for a few good years now and I still want more.

On my website I describe the adventures that have happened to me, you will also find here a collection of valuable tips for tourists and travelers. If you liked this article, be sure to leave a comment and read some more!

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  •   7th March 2017, 20:08

    Thanks for the list, mine is similar, but with a few changes. You are 100% right that people keep overpacking all the time, just go to any airport and see peoples bags for a week trips.

    •   13th April 2017, 14:35

      Haha, Ryan, you are perfectly right. Always when Im on airport I try to imagine whats inside those huge bags!

  •   31th March 2017, 10:30

    I must try to pack fewer things when Im traveling (or perhaps ask for it my girlfriend:D). Unfortunately, girls used to take a lot of gear they just dont need in their backpack :-) Thats life.

    •   13th April 2017, 14:36

      Traveling with the girl is always a challenge :-)

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