How to Choose the Right Camping Sleeping Bag for Yourself

How to Choose the Right Camping Sleeping Bag for Yourself

If you want to take camping on a whole new level and experience something completely different from everything before, then you need to have the proper, high-quality camping gear. This also includes having the right camping sleeping bag, that will offer you great comfort and plenty of space to move.

Nothing compares to a good night’s sleep under the night sky, and if you follow the tips given in this article, you’ll be living the life of an experienced camper that enjoys life outdoors and knows how to make the most out of it. 

Backpacking vs. camping sleeping bags

It is a small but definitely crucial difference. Backpacking sleeping bags are usually smaller and they have less space, but at the same time, they are lighter and you can carry them around easily. Folding them sounds really simple as well. Camping sleeping bags on the other hand are warm, comfy, and have plenty of space for you to move. But, if you’re looking for a sleeping bag that will find its purpose for both activities, get yourself a backpacking sleeping bag, because after all, you’ll need to carry it with you around at all times, and that can be tiring after walking for several hours. 

How to Choose the Right Camping Sleeping Bag for Yourself

Choosing a sleeping bag

Onto the ongoing battle between the sleeping bag teams- the down-filled ones, and the synthetic sleeping bags, they both come with tons of pros and cons to them, depending on your preferences and of course, lifestyle. In the following, we’ll make a brief comparison between the two, and hopefully, you’ll find out which one suits your needs better. 

Comfort level 

Camping bags offer great comfort because they have lots of space. It probably wouldn’t fit two people at a time, but you’ll have the space to move around freely. No matter if you want to turn to your side, or you simply want to bend your leg at that comfy angle that you normally do, camping sleeping bags allow it.

Now that we got that settled, let’s figure out if synthetic sleeping bags offer you greater comfort than down-filled ones. The answer is that it completely depends. Down-filled sleeping bags are filled with natural feathers or wool, while synthetic ones are filled with synthetic fiber. Lately, synthetic had some major improvements, and it’s gotten really comfortable. If you have allergies, or you’ve made some lifestyle choices, then you should go with the synthetic ones. But, down-filled sleeping bags will always offer greater comfort and better sleep. 


This round goes to the down-filled sleeping bags right from the start. Feathers and wool have been used forever to keep people warm, and they continue doing so ages later. Synthetic will also offer some level of warmth, but it will never be the same as natural sources. Also, if we compare the amount of natural source that provides the same warmth as synthetic, we’ll notice that synthetic sleeping bags are a lot heavier and contain much more product than down-filled sleeping bags. 

Synthetic sleeping bags


If you plan on camping outdoors, near water, waterfalls, or a humid area, then you should definitely invest in a synthetic sleeping bag. Usually, synthetic sleeping bags are much more resistant to outdoor conditions, and they will protect you from water and humidity. A big plus would be if you purchase a sleeping bag with a water-resistant layer, that will prevent the product from getting wet and ruined. Also, even though synthetic bags aren’t the best source of warmth, they’ll surely protect you from the wind outdoors. 

Choose the right shape

Now that we’ve got the filling part settled, let’s focus on the shape of your sleeping bag. There are four main shapes: rectangular, mummy, double bag, and semi-rectangular. They all have their own advantages. 

  • Rectangular: Those bags will allow you to freely move your arms and legs, but at the same time they’ll also give you enough snug to keep you warm throughout the night. Some can even be completely unzipped and used as a blanket. 
  • Semi-rectangular: it is something in between the rectangular and the mummy type of sleeping bag, and it offers you enough comfort, warmth, and coziness at the same time. 
  • Mummy: snug fit and warm feeling is all we’re going to say about this type. But, if you plan on twisting and turning a lot, make sure to put something under you, because you’ll be turning with the sleeping bag.
  • Double bag: this is for all the couples in love, and all the single people who like to have plenty of space while camping outdoors. If you want, you can also choose two rectangular bags that can zip together, just pay attention to the model. 
  • Kid sleeping bags: small, comfy, warm, and generally more affordable than adult-sized bags.
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