Road Trip Safety: What to Be Aware of When Traveling Across the US

Road Trip Safety: What to Be Aware of When Traveling Across the US

I believe that a vast majority of people dream of having a road trip at some point in their lives, especially younger folks. Even though every trip is special in its own way, there’s something unique about road trips that makes everything more interesting.

Road Trip Safety: What to Be Aware of When Traveling Across the US

Maybe it's the fact that you can turn up the volume on the radio to the maximum and sing at the top of your lungs and no one is ever going to hear you because you're most likely in the middle of nowhere.

But whatever the situation may be, road trips are awesome, however, if you want them to be unforgettable in the most positive way, then I would advise you to take a look at these tips below.

Prepare Your Vehicle The Right Way

One of the most essential tips when it comes to this is related to your vehicle. You should perceive it as your temporary home, which means that it’s of huge importance to properly prepare it. So ensure to check the following:

  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Spare tire
  • Tire pressure
  • Belts, caps, filters, and hoses
  • Brakes
  • Signals, lights, windshield wiper fluid, and every wiper blade
  • A key fob device for added security to easily lock and unlock your car from a distance

Don’t Drive If You’re Tired

I cannot stress enough how dangerous for everyone's safety it may be if you're driving while super exhausted. In case you didn't know, precisely this is one of the most common causes of car accidents, which can oftentimes be fatal.

And even if you do not get injured, you’ll still be punished for being reckless. And then you’ll be obligated to hunt down some of the best car accident lawyers to avoid jail time or hefty fines. So what exactly happens when you’re driving while being very tired?

Namely, as your eyelids drop, you won't be able to react fast and make some rational decisions in case of danger which means that you'll be jeopardizing not only your safety but the safety of everyone else who is on the road.

Even if you think that you’re not tired, that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Many studies have shown that when somebody is awake for more than eighteen hours, their brain isn’t capable of functioning normally. 

It works the same as the brain of the person who is driving under the influence. Apart from lack of sleep, there are many other factors, such as medicines and boredom that can make you feel exhausted and sleepy.

Therefore, if you’ve been driving for a while, then be sure either to have some rest, park your vehicle somewhere safe, or you can switch places with the other passenger who feels refreshed enough. 

Do Not Opt For The Fastest Route 

Even though I know that you are yearning to reach your destination as fast as possible, I wouldn’t advise you to take the fastest route. At the end of the day, road trips are not only intended to get you to a certain place, but also to give you the opportunity to see other, smaller towns, places where you’ve never been before, and to simply enjoy country roads.

Something like this is going to take this entire experience to the next level and make it even more interesting and authentic. For example, if I were you, I would make a stop at some charming, little town, grab lunch or dinner, and talk to the locals because they are always packed with a bunch of interesting stories and anecdotes. 

Planning An Itinerary Is Always Recommendable

Now, I am not saying that you must plan every single second of your road trip, however, what would be great is if you had some sort of plan when it comes to this. You should write down every place (or at least most of them) you want to visit, along with the stops you would like to make.

By doing so, you will not only plan your budget the right way, but you will also have a clearer picture of how much time is at your disposal. Keep in mind that the United States is not a small country.

On the contrary. It’s a very large one, which means that it’s going to take a while to reach a specific destination. For example, in the beginning, you can immediately decide where you want to go first, where you’ll spend your nights, and then leave the rest of the days open.

Whatever the situation may be, road trips are awesome, however, if you want them to be unforgettable in the most positive way, then I would advise you to take a look at these tips below.

Prepare Yourself Too!

I know that somewhere at the beginning of this article, I told you that you should prepare your automobile, well, now, is the time to give you some instructions regarding your preparation. For starters, I would let everybody know where I'm going (just in case) and of course, to have a good night's sleep before you head anywhere. 

Another thing that is practically mandatory is to charge your phone. You can never tell when you’re going to need it and to check its range just to be sure you’ll be able to reach anybody in case of an emergency.

In addition, before you leave the house, make sure to check the weather forecast, just to see what the weather is going to be like, so you can dress up accordingly and wear pieces of clothing that will make you feel comfortable. 

Now, that I’ve covered these things, it’s time to remind you of some of the bare necessities that you must take into consideration as well:

  • Water and food
  • First aid kit
  • Jumper cables and flares
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Tool kit and cutting tool
  • Travel map
  • Audiobooks and CDs
  • Waterproof matches

Avoid Rush-Hour

I know that something like this cannot always be avoided, however, if you’re able to, give your all to avoid it. Something like this is not only going to increase the drive time drastically, but it will also make you feel more frustrated and stressed.

I generally adore road trips because they allow me to unwind for a bit and forget for a second all the troubles I have on a regular basis. However, in order for everything to go smoothly, I always make sure to take all these steps above.

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