Small Habits For Big Results

Small Habits For Big Results

Our health largely depends on habits. It's no secret that, for example, the habits of smoking and not moving around are harmful to health. But physical education and 7-8 hours of sleep, on the contrary, are useful.

A lot of healthy habits require us to make an effort, to force ourselves to do it. So what if we turn useful recommendations into our habits? For example, if you always wanted to drink less alcohol or at least learn how to quit drinking — try with small steps. Don’t drink for a month and see what’s gonna happen. Experiments have shown that 21-40 days are enough to develop a habit.

Try incorporating some healthy habits into your life every day. When they become a part of you, you will start strengthening your health daily without thinking.

Dry January or stop drinking for a month

Dry January or stop drinking for a month

The expression Dry January comes from the UK and was first used during a public health campaign run by Alcohol Change UK in 2013. The association shares a very frightening fact - every hour one person dies from alcohol, and in order to reduce the terrible consequences of drinking alcohol, Alcohol Change UK is urging people to quit drinking alcohol at least in January. The month was not chosen by chance - the restriction in the most intense period at the party will help quit drinking without aa completelyin the future.

A new habit is formed in just three weeks. So you can lay down a useful, healthy rule for the whole next year. As the experiment at the University of Sussex showed, the participants of the “dry January” after six months began to drink less. Another goal of the “test” is to prove that alcohol is not at all necessary for fun, communication and a good time, so it’s much easiker to stop drinking alcohol than people think, explain the participants of Alcohol Change UK.

Benefit for health

A study conducted by the Royal Free Hospital and published by the British Medical Journal in 2018 showed the health benefits of a dry January. Many of us are aware of the long-term consequences of drinking alcohol: cancer, liver disease, mental health problems, and more. But not everyone is aware of what happens almost immediately after you stop drinking - weight loss (after the experiment, six out of ten participants lost weight) and improved sleep (seven out of ten participants began to sleep better).

Almost everyone has noticed a general improvement in health - energy, quick concentration and good skin condition. Also, just one month without alcohol lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of diabetes, ”the study says. To make it more convenient to start the year, Alcohol Change UK launched a special Try Dry application. It will turn the refusal of alcohol into a real game - the counter will count the number of sober days, and you will receive incentive rewards when their number increases.

A month of veganism

The Veganuary organization appeared in 2014, and today more than 500 thousand people from 178 countries have joined it, including actor Joaquin Phoenix, musician Paul McCartney and founder of the brand Kat Von D Catherine von Drachenberg. The essence of the concept is the complete rejection of animal products in order to "protect the environment, prevent animal suffering and improve the health of millions of people," the Veganuary website says. According to health researcher Joseph Poor, the project's 350,000 participants save 41,200 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.5 million liters of water and save more than a million animal lives.

A month of veganism

Benefit for health

According to studies, a vegan diet can halve the risk of cardiovascular disease (heavy meat consumption increases cholesterol levels, which affects the functioning of the heart and blood vessels) and reduce the risk of cancer by 40 percent. In addition, those who do not eat meat are nine times less obese. Vegetarians live on average nine percent longer, and vegans 13 percent longer than people who don't restrict their consumption of animal products. To visually appreciate the results of veganism, look at the many celebrities who have long adhered to this idea: Natalie Portman and Brad Pitt are among the followers, and their appearance seems to be the best confirmation of the benefits of avoiding animal food.

In addition to improving health, veganism and vegetarianism also has a positive effect on the environment. According to Oxford University research, the only way to save the planet is for everyone to go vegan. Even if you are not ready for such a drastic change, try limiting yourself for a month first, and then, after evaluating the results, try to gradually change your diet.

Day planning

We often eat on the go, sit at the computer for hours, and lack sleep precisely because of the wrong distribution of our time. If you don't plan your day, other people and circumstances will do it for you.

When you get used to planning your day and managing time, you will always have time for a full meal, sleep, and rest. In addition, control over the situation will allow you to avoid stress.

Walks in the fresh air

Try to train yourself to walk for at least 20-30 minutes every day. It is also desirable to increase your walking distance to work and back. You can, for example, get off a few stops earlier, or park your car further away from the office.

The benefit from this will not only be for physical health. During a walk, your head will be relieved of unnecessary information, and your mood will improve.

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