Urban Gardening: Beginner's Guide to grow your own plants

Urban Gardening: Beginner's Guide

Urban gardening in the apartment.

You don't need a wide open space to create the garden of your dreams. In this simple urban gardening guide, I will show you how to have a garden in the apartment.

Growing your own plants in the apartment is not that hard as you may think it is, and you will be sure you will eat healthy vegetables without any chemistry and you will save some money on groceries. Here I will try to write easy to follow directions about how to create your own urban garden.


Many people don't know that, but if you want, you don't even pay for planters for your urban garden. Just use the things you already have at home. It can be a milk jug, paint bucket or a coffee can - all that kind of items will be right as long as it won't be too small and will make your roots grow.

Apartment gardening planters.

All vegetables are different, but if you will use planters about 25 centimeters deep and 25 centimeters wide for your herbs and leafy greens and 15 - 25 liters for larger vegetables, it should be ok.

Drainage system

If you decided to create planters by you own, you must remember to create also drainage system. To do this, you must drill two or three holes in the bottom of your containers. This holes will help the water that plant roots won't collect to escape, another way your plants might rot.

There is also another way to do this. You can add a shallow layer of crushed rocks or small stones on the bottom of your planters. This will provide some extra space between roots and the gathered water.

Potting mix

To make your seeds grow, you must pour in a potting mix. It contains vermiculite, perlite, peat, and compost. You also must make sure that it comes up to just about 2.5cm below the top of your planter. You don't need soil as the potting mix is much better for urban gardening.

You can also have your urban gardening on the balcony.

Organic fertilizer

As we creating our garden inside the apartment, our plants will not be able to draw nutrients naturally from the ground. To give our vegetables some extra care, we definitely should add some organic fertilizer to the top few centimeters of your potting mix.


At last, we can plant our vegetables and herbals. To do this, put your seeds about 1.5 centimeters below the surface. Remember, that herbs like parsley, thyme or sage can be grown together in one container.


You must be watering your plants regularly every day, as you grow your urban garden in the direct sunlight. Remember, that plants ground must be totally dry when watering and you must add enough water to make it trickles out through the drainage holes.


Nowadays you don't know how much chemistry supermarket products contains, so urban gardening is an awesome idea to grown your own, healthy food  You will also spend less money on the groceries. If you have other urban gardening tips, you can leave them in the comments section below. Good luck with your plants!

Wojciech Kuźma

My name is Wojtek and I am very happy that you came to my healthy lifestyle blog. In human life, health is probably the most important factor needed for happiness, so I thought I will make a contribution to this and try to promote healthy eating and sport.

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  •   1st May 2017, 11:54

    Today we dont know what we are eating. The mass-production made our food full of chemistry and its not healthy anymore. I have my own urban garden in my apartment and I finally know what Im eating.

  •   1st May 2017, 13:11

    Very nice article, I think everybody should have some kind of an Urban Garden in their apartments. We would be healthier and will spend less money on groceries.

  •   8th February 2018, 02:20

    I have a small herb urban garden at my apartment and I absolutely love it. I always wanted to try to grow vegetables like bell peppers or tomatoes. I saw a picture in this article that looks like bags of soil with the plants in it. Does this really work?

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