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How to find the best villa in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

So, you've decided to treat yourself by taking that dream vacation to Costa Rica? Good decision. The Central American nation combines biodiversity and rainforests with beaches and colonial towns. Add in the many Costa Rica villas for rent around the country and it promises to be a trip of a lifetime. But, you need to put a little effort to make sure the vacation goes smoothly. Keep reading to discover how to find the best villa in Costa Rica to suit your circumstances, interests, and budgets.

Before we start

If you want to have a trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica, be prepared to splurge. Contrary to popular belief, the prices in this Central American nation are similar to what you would expect in the United States, especially in the touristy areas. And if you do rent a villa in a more secluded part of the coastline, you’re going to need your own transport. But after overcoming both of these obstacles, you're almost guaranteed to have an unforgettable trip. Nothing quite compares to waking up and going for a swim in the warm water. And apart from spending your time on your own private stretch of sand, the jungle and a variety of outdoor activities are just a few hours away. 

Know where you want to go

The first consideration before booking a villa is to know which part of the country you want to visit. Costa Rica has thousands of kilometers of coastline along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The beaches to the west cater more towards surfers while the calmer waters on the east offer a more serene retreat. Or do you want to stay in the smaller towns and enjoy the romance of their Spanish colonial flair? Some tourists want to take complete advantage of nature and plan to spend their time in the national parks. Before you consider choosing a villa, you first need to think about your itinerary. Most villas are found along the coastline. 

Costa Rica Wildlife

What's your budget? 

As mentioned above, Costa Rica isn't a cheap destination. But depending on where you go and how you go about choosing a villa, you can bank on getting good value for money. Prices vary. Expect a couple of hundred dollars per night. The cost varies based on the size, amenities, and location. If you want the ultimate luxury, you might end up spending thousands on your trip. Or, the more budget-conscious can still have a luxurious experience without breaking the bank. Do your research. Know your budget. 

The location

The location of the villa should be a critical factor in deciding which one to book. Dozens line the thousands of kilometers of coastline, with some being closer to civilization than others. If you want to have the ultimate level of exclusivity, you can expect to be at least 20 minutes from the nearest settlement. Practically speaking, you're going to need to rent a car. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get to and from the accommodation. And before you commit, make sure you're familiar with the driving conditions. The villas closer to the town provide more convenience and easier access to bars and restaurants. But it takes away the privacy factor. If you're traveling on a honeymoon, consider splashing out and getting a car. Those looking for a relaxing vacation should book closer to a town or city where you can easily access the bars and restaurants. The decision is up to you. 

Costa Rica Beaches

How long do you want to go to Costa Rica for?

This part relates to how you plan to travel around Costa Rica. Do you want to spend a week on the beach or explore more of the country? If you choose the first, you might need to think about booking your vacation and staying in just one villa. Longer stays might also come with a slightly reduced price tag. But those who want to see more of the country might want to consider a few days in the villas. An alternative might be to spend two days on the beach before heading inland and staying at a hotel. Research beforehand and find out which places offer villas and where you'll need to consider staying at a hotel. 

Practical tips

Prices fluctuate. The same villa might cost approximately 40% less during the low season, which usually corresponds to the rainy season (between May and October). Those looking to get the best value for money should travel during the low season. Even in the wet season, the mornings are still sunny. Other considerations include thoroughly researching the facilities and amenities. Different villas offer different packages catering to different situations. Honeymooners and couples might want to find a place with a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Those traveling with families will have a completely different set of criteria. If you search on their websites, you should see a list of everything that's included in the price. Go through each of these carefully to find out exactly what you're getting.

Sunset in Costa Rica

Choosing the best villa to suit you

The best villas for one person might be a nightmare for others. You need to think about your own situation and circumstances before making any decisions. If you go for exclusivity, you'll need your own transport. And families might want something that couples and honeymooners don't. Do your research. Know your budget, interests and how long you want to stay. Follow these suggestions and you're sure to find the best villa for you. 

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  •   8th October 2018, 13:25

    Costa Rica is a very expensive country, even if you are looking for a regular hotel... But I was on my honeymoon in one of those villas and it was one of the best experiences in my whole life. So if you have some money, its really worth to find a villa in Costa Rica.

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