Norway :: Guide and interesting places for travelers

Norway :: Guide and interesting places for travelers

Well, Norway is not a cheap destination and many tourists avoid it because of that. If you are not a hardcore traveler like me (sleeping all trip in the car etc.) you will have some hard time trying to save some money. Because of those many tourists who visit Norway are older, what is not too goodg, as the most beautiful parts of Norway are mountains and fiords, so you have to be fit to get to many wonderful places.

Norwegians are wonderful and kind people and usually, they don't have any problems with the English language. If we add to it a beauty of their country, with the fiords and boats, it makes a perfect compilation for travelers. And don't forget about the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the north parts of the country. I will try to describe it all in this Norway travel guide. Enjoy!

Trolltunga (The Troll's Tongue) is a small rock came off the majestic Skjeggedal mountain with awesome panorama views. Hiking Trolltunga in Norway is not easy, you will find here hike tips and travel guide. Read more...
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