Ireland :: Guide and interesting places for travelers

Ireland :: Guide and interesting places for travelers

Ireland, called also the Green Island, is a beautiful land with many medieval castles, sheer cliffs, and green hills. You also cannot miss the beer (Guinness) and very friendly people. The country is not too big so it's easy to travel across the island. I love history and old buildings, so I'm a big fan of Ireland. This travel guide will show you that nobody goes back from Green Island unhappy.

The island of Ireland is a jewel in the Atlantic. Literally nicknamed the ‘Emerald Isle’, Ireland embodies culture, history, and stunning geography across two countries, and in one glorious package. Ireland’s imposing landscapes must be seen to be believed, and its rural countryside is stippled with historic battlements and castles. Read more...

Famous for more than just stunning landscapes, vast lands of greenery, and historical and cultural backgrounds, both Scotland and Ireland are masters in cuisine! Especially while talking about beverages. Did you know that both countries have many traditional drinks on their menu, just waiting to be tested out? Let’s do this! Here is our list of 7 customary Scottish and Irish beverages to try! Read more...
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