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Fit Blog :: Sport and Fitness

There is nothing more important than good health. Only this helps us to fully enjoy your life. At this fit blog, I will try to write about things important for our body: sports, fitness and healthy food. There will be numerous diets (including vegetarian and vegan) and training plans. Also some tips about running, cycling and gym. Respect your body. Feed your body. Move your body. And most important: love your body.

Most cyclists prefer to wear lightweight sunglasses that stay in place while riding. Sunglasses for cycling are also available with lens tints and finishes suitable for commuting, road cycling, mountain biking or casual recreational rides. Here are 10 of the best prescription cycling sunglasses from trusted brands. Read more...

Golf is a new trend in the sports world and demands a lot of practice before you start to actually play it. Every golfer has been a bad golfer at some point and some of them still are. If you want to build a good golfer mindset, you need to overcome all the intimidating moments that keep you away from doing golf. Read more...
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